This Earth Day you can make a difference.

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Happy Earth Day 2021!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Recycling on Earth Day is a great way to prevent un-used electronics from getting into our landfills but as many of you know, recycling is a last resort. Reducing consumption by reusing and repurposing electronics is the most sustainable solution possible. Fortunately this is a service ATR has been providing customers since 1992.

Earth Day was actually started in 1970, when the world’s attention was focused on gasoline containing lead and not the futuristic electronics we saw on Star Trek each week. Over the years ATR has recycled millions of these devices. In fact, with your help ATR successfully set a new Guinness World recycling record on Earth Day in 2015.

Today we can recycle electronics by simply dropping them into our shredders and selling the recovered commodities for the next generation of devices. Unfortunately, many of these new devices are imported from China. Over the years our focus has shifted from recovering materials foreign competitors will use to flood our markets with cheap products to creating local jobs. ITAD service providers like ATR utilize US workers to repurpose, repair, and resell all types of electronics within our own communities.

Seems simple enough right, after all, we’ve been doing it for years with our cars. Our society has become proficient at repairing and reselling vehicles until they reach the end of their life cycle and even then we often keep fixing them until they become collector items. ATR offers even better recovery methodologies to our business customers around the world but surprisingly many other companies we haven’t talked to yet seem to be content simply sticking with what they know, or in some cases, who they know. This Earth Day you can make a difference by simply challenging the status quo of your existing sustainability programs.

ATR has a long history in safely reclaiming value for our customers, and we’re motivated to compete for your business so why not take us for a test drive. We understand vetting a new supplier takes time, and energy but the process also allows you to benchmark existing suppliers against one another to see who can contribute the most value to your sustainability initiatives.

ATR allows each customer to customize their own program, reporting is always free, and we assign each customer with an individual account manager to ensure we’re not just meeting your expectations but we’re exceeding them.Email us today at to learn more about our recovery programs. ATR also offers a wide range of end-of-life programs for those customers who require secure destruction services. Chat with one of us live at

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing. Brodie utilizes his 30+ years of IT background and entrepreneurship to develop innovative sustainable recycling solutions to help ATR customers improve their triple bottom line.