The Meaning of Recycling

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ATR Las Vegas Team

On November 15, 2022 the nation celebrated National Recycling Day, or did we?  This year like so many before it, ATR enthusiastically promoted the day with job fairs, free recycling collections, and even a Grand Opening Celebration at our newest location in Pensacola Florida.   Unfortunately the majority of people we talked to throughout these events didn’t seem to know much about National Recycling Day and why it’s so important to raise awareness, so what exactly does “Recycling” mean and why is it so important.

What is the meaning of recycling according to the EPA?

The EPA specifically notes on their website,” On America Recycles Day (November 15), EPA recognizes the importance and impact of recycling, which has contributed to American prosperity and the protection of our environment. The recycling rate has increased from less than seven percent in 1960 to the current rate of 32 percent. An EPA study found that recycling and reuse activities in the United States accounted for 681,000 jobs and $37.8 billion in wages.”

The recycling efforts of communities and business throughout the United States have helped with this success and growth. To build on our progress, EPA encourages every American to contribute by recycling right, not only on America Recycles Day, but all year long. This means checking with your local recycling provider to know what they will accept in your recycling bin. Items like cardboard, metal cans, and paper are commonly accepted by local curbside programs, and items like plastic bags, electronics and batteries do NOT go in the curbside recycling bin.”


(2022, November 14). America Recycles Day.

Courtesy of George Gray, Advanced Technology Recycling Facility Manager for Las Vegas, NV

What is the meaning of recycling to those who actually do the work?

Okay, so now we know where the EPA stands on recycling and why it should be important to us all, but what does it mean to those who actually perform the duties of recycling the worlds electronic trash, or e-waste.  To be honest I wasn’t sure myself as I had never personally asked the crew directly but one of our newest site managers in Vegas did and here is the responses he received from his crew in Las Vegas.


In observation off “America Recycles Day” on November 15th, George  proposed the following fill in the blank question to the ATR Las Vegas team.

“I think the recycling work we do is important because ____________________________________________________.”

Here are some of the answers George received.

“It helps the environment (sic) stay neat and clean.” R. D.

“We are keeping the earth green, one electronic at a time.” Y. L

“It is helping make a better planet for future generations.” H. C.

“It gives old technology new life.” J. B.

“It cleans the environment and saves money.” T. B.

“We’re not using more natural resources.” E. G.

“We help companies get rid of electrical waste.” C. L.

“We get to give electronics a second life.” “We get to help the planet.” S. A.


And we had those that noted how we help the environment.  Without a doubt, the ATR Las Vegas team is committed to our company, the work that we do, and to the environment that we all live in.


Excellent feedback from a team that works hard each day to make a difference!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  It’s true, ATR and a growing number of supportive clients utilize a “Reduce”-“Reuse” and “Recycle” methodology to create jobs, recover value through repair programs.  When no other options exist as a last resort ATR destroys the electronics so we return precious raw materials back to U.S. based manufacturers who in turn reuse what we recover.  This circular strategy ensures the highest degree of sustainability possible, and one ATR was founded on.

What does Recycling mean to you?

We’d like to hear from you, what does recycling mean to you?  We’re posting this article on all our social medial platforms so that you may visit us there and share your thoughts.  We’re also very curios which of the crews statements mean the most to you and why.

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Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.