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So what exactly is the ATR Advantage when nowadays you can go online and find a lists of companies a mile long that will take your old technology gear and in some cases for free? How do you know which one is best choice if they all appear to be offering similar services? Great questions, Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) is one of the only Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) providers in existence that originally started out as a Value Added Reseller(VAR) for all types of electronics and accompanying services. The retail stores blazed an unprecedented trail that would later be followed by big box stores and online outlets across the globe.

In those days most electronics were engineered for longevity which wasn’t cheap and a little short sided. Computers from the 80’s and early 90s are still working to this day and have become valuable collectors items bringing their lucky owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. Very little effort was made to recycle these devices, after all who could have predicted electronics would later become the fastest growing waste stream in human history.

Why choose ATR if you’re happy with your current supplier?

The ATR Difference

ATR uses the most sustainable approach possible by first attempting to repair and then reuse devices that have not reached their end of life. If that isn’t an option then we reclaim value by identifying valuable components often overlooked by most recycling companies. When these options don’t work we’ll recycle the remaining material to recover valuable commodities that can be repurposed for new manufacturing. Unlike most companies ATR staff receive continuous training that must be repeated each year to ensure your equipment and data are handled properly and in accordance with the latest compliance standards. Additionally ATR provides in-house manual de-manufacturing which creates more jobs and improved commodity recoveries.

ATR maintains a dedicated compliance department that regularly audit all downstream vendors to ensure even the commodities recovered are being managed properly. ATR customers can access real time reporting on virtually every piece of equipment we’ve touched and your account manager can now provide detailed route reports for every vehicle in our company owned fleet.

Ray Magee Director of Client Services

Sounds good so far, tell me more!

ATR uses the R2 Standard of electronic recycling which incorporates an ISO:14001:2004 environmental standard and the OHSAS:18001 standard which protects employees. The R2 Standard was developed by SERI, a non-profit organization which works with the EPA, regulators from state agencies, electronics recyclers and non-governmental organizations to find the best methods for ITAD management and end of life recycling.

The R2 Standard is the most responsible and sustainable standard in existence. Each year, each ATR facility is individually audited by an R2 approved inspector and these results are subsequently reviewed by an approved Registar before renewal is granted. This process must be repeated for all ATR facilities each year which ensures any changes adopted from year to year are deployed quickly.

What happens to the data?

ATR knows a thing or two about data security, after all we’ve been managing it in one form or another since the inception of re-writable floppy disks in the 80s. ATR allows each customer to define their own SOW which is visible throughout the entire process and we offer a wide range of on-site destruction options including remote shredders we can bring right to your server room or dock. All customer equipment is stored in highly secure facilities which are closely monitored by our corporate security team via high def cameras, badge access and real time tracking mechanisms.

Keeping your data and brand safe is of paramount importance to us but in the unlikely event a data breach did occur ATR carries additional Data Breach insurance we provide at no cost to our customers. ATR is one of the few companies authorized the the U.S.State Department to destroy sensitive devices, weapon munitions and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) controlled electronics for all Federal Agencies, Aerospace and Defense contractors worldwide which includes all branches of the Military.

What if my equipment has value?

ATR has over 25 years experience in re-marketing and surplus management business and our compliance team reviews applications on an ongoing basis to ensure we can provide the best ROI in the industry. We strive to recover the highest return on your equipment through our transparent profit sharing programs. Our sales teams have experience in testing equipment and getting is sold quickly and efficiently to maximize your returns. If giving back to your staff is a consideration we offer an all inclusive employee buy back program to ensure your IT staff can stay focused on your business and not repurposed assets.

How about Logistics?

Our entire fleet is company owned, which means we provide you with our services quicker and more efficient. ATR can monitor all vehicles in real time as they move about the country with state-of-the-art Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) that show routes, stops, delays and even vehicle alerts should a mechanical issue arise. Qualifying customers can request detailed route reports that can include advanced driver credentials, vehicle identification and alerts that are triggered as vehicles approach their destinations.

Does ATR offer Detailed Reporting?

For most companies reporting is a must but not all reporting is the same. ATR has a detailed inventory management system which tracks when, where and what was acquired for each and every pickup we’ve ever made. Each asset you provide to us is tracked all the way through the entire process, either for recycling or refurbishment. Certificates of Destruction and Recycling are provided free of charge in PDF, Word or Excel formats.

If you need real-time viability we provide free access to our FIPS 140-2 compliant client portal where you can check on the progress of our work, schedule pickups, obtain Certificates and work with your local point of contact all in real time. If you need help, ATR has developed a highly skilled and resourceful Customer Experience team you can chat with during normal business hours or email at

Rethink Recycling, Think ATR ITAD Management!

No matter the size of your business or company, ATR is there
to serve you and provide you with the needed materials to ensure your
electronics are recycled properly. Rethink recycling, think ATR.

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.