Traditional Recycling Services

Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) offers traditional recycling services for production scraps, defective products, packaging materials and much more.   Traditional Recycling materials can be tracked by commodity type, lot number, location or customized to meet your individual needs.  Detailed reports are available in real time via our FIPS 140-2 complaint web portal in a variety of formats including Excel, Word and PDF.  ATR can manage a wide range of traditional recycling materials including Rare Earth Metals, Plastics, Circuit boards and even ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulations) controlled materials.

Traditional Recycling ServicesATR can provide various types of collection systems including Gaylords, Pallets, locking bins and we have a fleet of GPS enabled vehicles including 53′ trailers that can be deployed at your facility and switched out as needed.

Diversified Traditional Recycling Services for all types of specialized markets

  • All Grades of Circuit Boards and Scrap Components
  • Decommissioned Military Assets
  • Plastic Scrap, Feed stock, Packaging Supplies and more
  • Cardboard Gaylords, Skids and more
  • Secure Destruction for Product Recals
  • Materials Broker Role

Traditional Recycling for Metal and Industrial Scrap

  • Asset Re-marketing and Recovery Service
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling
  • Material Broker Services

ATR remains an industry leader for E-waste management in the US and our 5 year plan includes an aggressive but sensible expansion into the UK and Canadian markets as we continue expanding our US footprint. Additionally ATR has begun implementing internal initiatives to reduce our own Carbon Footprint.

Working with ATR in a “Value Driven Vendor Partnership” will leverage ATR’s impeccable reputation within our industry and ensure the very highest degree of protection for your companies brand.   Contact our corporate office toll free 877.781.7779 or chat with us live now, all nationwide recycling services inquires will be answered promptly.

Rethink Traditional Recycling Services and Think ATR!

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