Reverse Logistics & e-Box Solutions

ATRs nationwide logistical services play a crucial role in establishing a secure chain of custody for your recyclable assets.  White glove extractions and pickups are available anywhere in the US and we’ll track the entire route in real-time free of charge.  ATR provides a wide range of services including secure logistics by utilizing a team of highly skilled professionals and a company owned fleet of vehicles.  ATR logistics staff undergo considerable screening and are carefully vetted, maintain clean driving records and undergo annual reviews.

ATR currently operates a fleet of 57 vehicles ranging in size from cargo vans to box trucks with lift gates and long haul semis.   We have a vehicle that will suit your needs and we’re continuously expanding our fleet.  ATR vehicles are strategically stationed at our processing facilities throughout the U.S. and pickups can be scheduled through our online web portal.

What does this mean to our customers?

In addition to our company owned fleet, ATR has equipped every ATR vehicle with Geotab software.  This software gives ATR the following abilities:

  • To track our fleet of vehicles in real time
  • Get alerts when our fleet arrives or departs a customer’s location
  • Perform diagnostics on our fleet while they are in route
  • Real-Time video feeds from vehicles cargo compartments and forward and aft cabin feeds.
  • Re-Route our drives in the case of added pick-ups
  • Maintaining compliance with the upcoming ELD mandate

This innovative software allows ATR to track the entire fleet of vehicles concurrently in real time 24/7 and capture detail rich reports.  In the event that one of our trucks has a mechanical issue or they are delayed for any reason, ATR is able to contact our customers ahead of their scheduled pick-up time and inform them of the delay rather than waiting for the customers to contact us.  This saves our customers time by allowing us to be proactive instead of reactive when a customer calls.  ATR has the ability to set-up Geofences for our customers, which is an imaginary circle around a customers location and anytime an ATR vehicle enters or leaves that zone, an e-mail alert can be sent out notifying ATR and our customer of our arrival and of our departure. ATR drivers have been electronically logging hours of service since April of 2015 and they’re compliant with all ELD mandates.

What is the ATR difference?

Secure Destruction customers can pre-order a detailed post-route map showing historical information like unscheduled delays, fuel stops, weigh station verification, speed and a detailed bread crumb trail of  the actual route.  If your shipment requires an escort ATR has a cost effective solution that gives you unprecedented access to our tracking system using an Internet enabled computer or mobile device .  This route information can be captured and included with each BOL to provide an additional layer of transparency.

Equipment transported by our fleet is extremely secure because all cargo doors are padlocked, trailers are sealed with unique transport IDs and the shipment is being monitored in real time to ensure that your ITAD equipment reaches our secure facilities undisturbed.  If you need to be in total control of your next shipment ATR can put you in a virtual driver’s seat for a fraction of the cost of actually being there.

What if I just have a small amount of equipment?

In addition to our world class reverse logistics programs ATR also offers cost effective E-box solutions that can provide additional savings.  Once a pickup request has been generated we’ll ship you a collapsed  E-Box that you can fill with any combination of equipment listed on our accepted items list for a flat rate.   Pick-ups can be scheduled online or give us a call and we’ll dispatch one of our pre-qualified LTL carriers to bring it back to one of our certified processing facilities.

Rethink Electronic Recycling and Think ATR!

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