IT Services that go beyond traditional recycling.

ATR IT ServicesATR possesses a strong information technology infrastructure and our IT Services are unmatched in our industry. Customers have an opportunity to reduce fees with technology re-deployment and asset management while yielding a potential return on re- marketable equipment that has not reached obsolescence. In addition, customers have an opportunity to mitigate the risk associated with end-of-life electronic components and data bearing devices with an option of guaranteed physical destruction.

By allowing ATR to aid in strengthening the centralized program for equipment management, our customers will quickly realize positive results regarding waste reduction. As time progresses, our customers will see an improvement in three areas: Internal asset management controls, Cost savings with the re-deployment of assets and, a return from asset recovery efforts if applicable.

Re-deployment of our customers IT and Non-Traditional Equipment

ATR IT Services also provides options for redeployment of internal IT and nontraditional equipment within our customers facilities. This includes the re- deployment of non-traditional equipment/electronic components that have limited sales potential for re-market but can be beneficial for use at other our customers locations. These electronic equipment assets and components will be limited to what can be efficiently transported.

Under this program, ATR would offer a value-added IT service by cataloging our customers assets intended for redeployment and provide our customers with cost effective reverse logistics options. Once a facility expresses interest in a particular asset ATR will answer any questions related to transport and delivery options so the requester can make an informed decision.

Guaranteed Destruction Services for Proprietary Equipment

ATR can provide guaranteed destruction services for proprietary equipment and other prototypes/client parts/tools. Although large clients prefer destruction of their prototypes at a national-level, ATR can provide guaranteed destruction of equipment on a local or regional level as well. Because of ATR’s ITAR registration and compliance system, ATR has the resources and the trusted experience to manage the sensitive nature of this work for all types of industries.

Our customers acquisition/re-location/Asset Inventory Services

While this program places a stronger emphasis on traditional recycling services (office electronics recycling, inventory management and data destruction), ATR would like to present our customers with project information regarding the consolidation, re-distribution, re-marketing and/or removing of assets associated with a company acquisitions and/or site closures and consolidations.

Data Destruction (Off-site – At ATR site)

ATR takes data security VERY seriously, sanitizing all re-marketable drives to NIST compliance standards. ATR understands that it may be a policy for our customers to wipe all hard drives/data-bearing devices before being release for recycling. ATR’s security policy is to initiate a wiping procedure for all re-marketable hard drives received, which can add an extra level of security to our customers current processes. If ATR receives a hard drive that has not been wiped internally by our customers, a report will be released to the appropriate contact person and the hard drive will be moved to a secure (locked) location pending instructions. For hard-drive units that are not re-marketable, ATR employs a guaranteed physical destruction method via the ATR shredder.

Following the data destruction, ATR provides verification of this destruction back to the customer via real-time reports. Proof of destruction certification is readily available to clients through the web portal.

This certification, which complies with local, state, and federal guidelines, is available to view under the reports field option upon completion of data destruction. As mentioned, ATR is under 24/7/365 video surveillance and requires badge access for entry.

Additionally, ATR has the means to offer clients a live video feed into the facility should the client wish to witness the destruction of their data bearing devices or physical shredding of electronic components.

Data Destruction (Our Customers Site)

Listening to our client’s needs and requirements, ATR takes data security to the next level. ATR can provide service to our customers for a safe and secure internal method of data destruction by providing a mobile shredder for use at high-volume our customers IT Services hubs. This will allow the IT team at our customers to shred all the hard-drives utilizing a mobile hard- drive shredder within their department without having to leave our customers premises.

ATR will transport our mobile shredder to the desired location within 48 to 72 hours following the formal notification from our customers location requesting this service. After the hard drive destruction is completed and the shredder is packed in its transport crate, the facility Point of Contact will notify ATR to pick up the shredder and hard drive material. ATR will schedule a pickup and transport the shredder to another our customers location or to an ATR facility.

Reporting Metrics

With a strong IT infrastructure, ATR professionals have developed a comprehensive and easy-to-use client database that is available in real-time 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Through this web portal, clients can schedule, track, and view their shipments online, with the option to track equipment through the system by serial number. ATR has exclusively developed this client portal which can be customized to provide more applicable and detailed reporting mechanisms for our customers.

These equipment reports include certification of proper disposal (recycling), as well as information outlining the path each piece of equipment will take in the system (whether it is de-commissioned or repaired for re-market). ATR internally tracks the final disposition of units sold in the wholesale market, requiring downstream vendor accountability by only approving vendors that provide a responsible recycling solution for the electronics they receive.

Employee Purchase programs

One of the services ATR offers is an employee purchase program. ATR has overwhelming success offering this service to our partners. Below are some of the reasons outlining why this program has been so popular among clients:

  • No Liability or additional workload for our customers: ATR takes ownership of all equipment allocated to this program. ATR is responsible for fulfilling employee orders through the website, financial transactions, and help desk support for our customers employees who purchase equipment from the Employee Buyback
  • A great employee benefit. Human Resources departments view the implementation of an Employee Buyback program as a benefit that will assist in employee self-enrichment. This program also provides a tool for employees and their families to acquire functioning, affordable computers at discounted prices.

ATR Asset recovery specialists and trained technicians carefully qualify each piece of equipment allocated for employee purchase programs. Following a NIST approved data wipe, eligible equipment is tested, repaired, and prepared for remarket to the R2v3 resale standards.

ATR celebrating 30 years in the IT Asset Management business,  picture shows ATR logo with 30 year graphic.ATR’s 30 years of experience in IT solutions, allows us to work closely with our customers IT departments for the removal and secure transport of equipment to the new allocated location. ATR’s ability to provide this service allows clients to allocate their limited resources to focus on more crucial tasks involved in site relocation and/or acquisition activities.

Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) is a division of B&K Technology Solutions. B&K Technology was formed in 1992 to offer businesses IT solutions to enable clients to be more competitive in their respective markets. The IT services that we continue to offer our partners today are:

IT Asset Services

  • Install / move / add / change equipment
  • Physical Inventory
  • Software audit and tracking services
  • Hardware procurement / consulting services
  • Equipment Relocation Services
  • Site Closure and Logistics Services
  • End of Lease Audit Services