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During the early days of the pandemic, we witnessed a mass exodus of people from their highly structed work environments to makeshift home offices of every conceivable design.  Let’s face it, most of us will probably never get used to seeing a coworker’s cat jump up on the table during a Zoom meeting, yet we’ve all seen it.   Even more surprising is the divergence from standardized work environments to varying degrees of hybrid and remote workspaces as employers grapple with getting people back to work.

We thought you might like to peek behind the scenes to see how an industry leader in IT asset management and electronics recycling is using a newly formed team to restructure the workplace, train new employees, and roll out companywide changes.

Nadia gives this printer shipment a big thumbs up.

Nadia Baker from the ATR San Antonio TX office has worn just about every hat there is during her 8-year tenure with ATR.  This includes roles within the asset recovery department, administrative support, and working directly with a dedicated compliance team.   

Nadia is part of a recently formed group of knowledgeable project managers that spend up to 30 days at time working at each ATR facility, which currently stands at eight.   The team methodically evaluates each facility’s processes, staff, and overall operational capabilities to identify potential operational deficiencies.  

The initial evaluation takes 5-10 days to complete and provides senior level management an in-depth report on the facility’s overall health.  Nadia, and other members of her team work directly with supervisors from asset recovery, operations, logistics and even the sales team to ensure uniformed operations are achieved through standardized training and companywide methodologies previously established for each facilities IMS (Integrated Management System) compliance protocols. 

Nadia and Thomas review the documentation prior to releasing the shipment.

Nadia’s current assignment is in Grand Rapids Michigan where she is working with Thomas DePetro, a new facility manager hired in March.  She’s also training Stephanie Morris a recent addition to the administrative and compliance groups.  During her 2-week visit she will work closely with the local management team to ensure the facility is prepared for an upcoming certification renewal audit. 

Initial findings are reported back to senior management and compliance groups to determine what changes if any are necessary prior to the next phase, which involves an outside auditing firm retained by ATR.   Collectively the two groups will check records, balance weight reports, evaluate P&L statements, inspect training metrics and test operational capabilities to ensure companywide conformity is being followed in accordance with the facilities IMS protocols.  Additionally, the team will ensure all staff are current on their training exercises, and all materials moving through the supply chains are accounted for.

Once all goals and objectives have been achieved, the facility will undergo one last but critically important phase where an outside auditing firm will complete a thorough audit which will be subsequently turned into all governing compliance agencies for final review prior to certification renewal.    

Nadia Baker using a spare office in Grand Rapids to file her reports.

I asked her what they had planned for 2021 in Grand Rapids MI, and she was happy to share they were in the process of setting up a wholesale program and retail outlet for the public.  In addition to offering discounts to the public these programs also provide local tech companies, and computer retail outlets sustainable access to inexpensive used IT equipment, computers and hard to find parts that have been reclaimed from commercial customers material streams.

I asked Nadia where she was off to next, and she replied, “Birmingham”, with a huge smile clearly showing through her custom-made ATR mask!  Good thing Nadia didn’t visit us during the minus 20 degree record breaking temperatures we had in Michigan just a month back! 

On behalf of all the ATR teams we would like to thank Nadia and the entire compliance team for their ongoing efforts to recertify each of our 8 facilities in the months to come.  ATR is committed to this process and has pledged to certify each location within the first year of operation. 

About ATR

ATR is a privately held ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) management company that has been family owned and operated since 1992. ATRs debt free fiscally responsible business model eliminates our client’s risk from the hazards associated with bankruptcies and private equity partnership and financing models. ATR provides secure reverse logistics & guaranteed destruction programs, free online reporting, transparent profit-sharing programs with quarterly P&L statements, and a wide range of recycling and asset management programs that can be tailored to meet specific customer needs.

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Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.