Medical Equipment Recycling

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Medical Equipment Recycling And Destruction

ATR offers R2 certified Medical Equipment Recycling at all 9 of our facilities. ATR is located in IL, MI, NY, TX, AL, VA and UT  and each site is R2:2013, ISO:14001, OHSAS:18001 Certified.   Medical Equipment Recycling with ATR is Safe, Secure and our proprietary processes are certified to the industry’s highest standards. ATR manages your retired assets responsibly, efficiently and securely through our customer based client portal. Through our client portal, customers have complete access to their equipment, print certifications, load equipment disposition reports, and schedule pick-ups. ATR assigns an individual account manager to assist customers throughout the entire process beginning with a customized SOW and ending with a detailed report for every asset touched.

ATR The Complete Recycling Package

* BDM – Each customer will be assigned a Business Development Manager that will help each customer through each step of the process.

*Scope Of  Work – A scope of work is developed for each individual customer based on each customer’s need.  This instructs ATR employees on what requirements each customer has for their equipment.

* R2 Certified – Each of ATR’s nine (9) locations throughout seven (7) states are all R2 certified meaning your medical equipment will be handled and recycled responsibly.

* Logistics – ATR owns and operates its entire fleet of vehicles.  This offers our customers a closed chain of custody for their equipment.  When ATR loads our customers equipment onto one of our company owned trucks, ATR then takes ownership of that equipment.

*Client Portal – Our client portal is available to any of our current and future customers.  In our client portal, you will be able to see every asset that has been recorded into our tracking database.  We currently have over 1,000,000 serial numbers stored in our database.

* Security – All nine (9) of ATR locations are monitored by 24/7 CCTV and badge access doors.  All of company owned vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking allowing ATR and our customers to track our vehicles.

Medical Recalls

ATR can also take care of all of your Medical Recall needs as well.  ATR offers our customers 3 different shredding options to make sure that you equipment is physically destroyed to your requirements.


Along with our secure shredding options, we also offer our customers a robust set of certifications that meets all FDA or HIPAA Compliance needs.  When HIPAA or any other regulatory agency gets involved ATR con provide to our customers a closed chain of custody, Certificate of Destruction and any other reporting that you will need.

ATR will accept all of the following medical equipment:

Anesthesia Unit                               Autoclave Blood Analyzer                   Cast System Centrifuge Concentrator

Defibrillator Dialysis Unit             Drying Oven Microscope                     Na+/K+analyzer

Ophthalmoscope                              Otoscope Oxygen Monitor                  PH Meter Pulse Oximeter

Sample Oxidizer                               Shaker Spectrometer                           Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasound Equipment                   UV Transilluminator                           UV Disinfection System

UV Meter                                            UV Spectrophotometer                       Water Test Kit

Vitals Monitor                                   Electrocardiograph Endoscope         Freeze Dryer

Gas Chromatograph                        Goinometer                                          Glucose Meter

Incubator                                            IV Pump                                                Microscontroller

* ATR requires that any and all fluids be drained from each piece of equipment prior to ATR taking ownership of the equipment.

*ATR requires a Certificate Of Decontamination for any equipment that has come in contact with any bodily fluids or any carcinogenic contaminant.

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing. Brodie utilizes his 30+ years of IT background and entrepreneurship to develop innovative sustainable recycling solutions to help ATR customers improve their triple bottom line.