Medical Equipment Disposal for Electronics

ATR offers R2:2013 certified Medical Equipment disposal at all eight of our facilities. Each ATR site has CCTV, R2:2013, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified and all staff is drug screened and background tested. We’re conveniently located in IL, FL, NY, TX, AL, VA, UT, and NV.  Medical Equipment Disposal with ATR is Safe, Secure and our proprietary processes are certified to the industry’s highest standards. ATR manages your retired assets responsibly, efficiently, and securely through a technologically advanced web-based infrastructure unmatched in our industry. We will keep your company’s brand safe, compliant and provide detailed reports through an innovative and powerful suite of online tools available 24/7. ATR assigns an individual account manager to assist customers throughout the entire process beginning with a customized SOW and ending with a detailed report for every asset touched. Certificate of Destruction reports are provided free of charge and for an additional fee customer can request optional GPS tracking reports and access to our powerful yet secure video feeds in real time. Video documentation can be provided in standard MP4 format and included with your reports for visual documentation. Utilize online access to schedule and track shipments, create packing slips, define PPE gear, and monitor end of life processes in real time. Assets are inventoried and tracked by using product serial numbers that can be reconciled against equipment disposition reports you provide, or we create for you.

Why is secure medical equipment disposal so important?

Bloomberg Business recently reported the Mayo Clinic assembled an all-star team of about a dozen computer jocks, investigators from some of the biggest cyber-security firms in the country, as well as the kind of hackers who draw crowds at conferences such as Black Hat and Def Con. The researchers split into teams and hospital officials presented them with about forty different medical devices. Do your worst, the researchers were instructed, and the results surprised even the experts, “They were all bad, really bad” said Billy Rios a former U.S. Marine and veteran of the war in Iraq. In the Marines, Rios worked in a signal intelligence unit and afterward took a position at the Defense Information Systems Agency and has since tinkered with weapons systems, aircraft components and even with the electrical grid… basically hacking into a public utility district in the state of Washington to illustrate potential risks and offer suggestions on how they might improve public safety.

Please note” The Mayo Clinic emerged from those sessions with a fresh set of security requirements for its medical device suppliers, requiring that each device be tested to meet standards before purchasing contracts were signed… the paragraph above was taken from a recent Bloomberg Business article.

Can ATR resell equipment or IT assets if properly purged of data?

Yes, ATR offers a variety of fee management and revenue sharing programs designed to offset processing costs and return money back to your business. ATR’s skilled team of Asset Recovery Specialists will provide your company with the necessary documentation to facilitate a re-market opportunity. Qualified assets are resold through our extensive network of buyers and online resources that have all been carefully screened and pre-qualified. Revenue sharing percentages are determined in advance and all programs are transparent and R2:2013 Resale Compliant.

Please note: Advanced Technology Recycling is an R2:2013, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 Certified Company, ATR does not accept Biohazards, Needles, or other similar medical waste products.  Please contact us to learn more about our Disposal and Resale Programs.


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