The Magic City of Birmingham

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The Secrets of the Magic City Revealed!


The owners of Advanced Technology Recycling certainly know a thing or two about doing business at a nationwide level.  Taking a page from the realtor’s proverbial playbook, ATR’s mantra and modus operandi is simple and familiar:  location, location, location!

Advanced Technology Recycling has 8 locations–soon to be 9, once the highly-anticipated Las Vegas facility opens–spread across 7 states.  Each facility is R2 certified by an independent auditing body, making ATR the 4th largest certified electronics recycler in the world.  Each one of Advanced Technology Recycling’s facilities is strategically placed to provide maximum service across multiple industries.  One of ATR’s facilities serves as the perfect example of “location, location, location.”

ATR Magic                Nestled in the New South, Birmingham, AL is part of an emergent megaregion that includes other cities like Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN.  Birmingham is a city that continues to see economic growth.  This growth is nothing new: In the early 20th century, such growth earned Birmingham the nickname “The Magic City.”

Since 2014, Advanced Technology Recycling has found itself happily at home in Birmingham–the Magic City with a magic economy.  Banking, health care, insurance, education: these are but just a sampling of Birmingham’s booming industries.  All of these centers-of-industry share two key things in common:  valuable assets and invaluable reputations.  ATR is a national ITAD company that can take care of both:  managing a growing waste stream that often includes sensitive or remarketable assets, while ensuring in its customers a sense of ease that feels comfortably familiar in a city known for its cosmopolitan side, yes, but also its predictable and reliable southern sensibility.

Of all the big business centers in the Southeast, Birmingham is surely one of the most important.  It continues to grow, continues to surprise, not just the businesses that reside there but also the citizens.  Its citizens are rewarded with low living expenses and competitive salaries, which leads to even more business growth.  ATR’s Birmingham facility currently has 11 employees, 6 of them hired in 2018.  As more businesses continue to move and open operations in the Magic City, ATR’s workforce is only expected to grow.

The ATR Magic Crew

A Magic Crew for a Magic City! Say Hello to Charlie and the Birmingham Crew!

ATR is happy to call Birmingham home!

Working with some of the top names in banking, healthcare, and insurance–just to name a few–is rewarding on many levels.  Leaders in these industries rely on ATR’s 25 years of ITAD experience.  And though a hundred reasons could be given for choosing to operate a facility in Birmingham, industry insiders agree it can be summed up in three simple words:

Location, location, location.

Rethink Recycling and Think ATR, the Magic begins here!


Industry Leader in Reuse and Recycle

Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) is a full service ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and R2 Certified electronic recycling company headquartered in Pontiac, Illinois. ATR is ITAR registered and compliant. Our commitment to our customers, partners and employees to protect our environment by offering the highest standards in ethics and safety and to focus on continual improvement in our reuse and recycling process establishes us as a pioneer in our industry.

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Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.