Lourdes Burgos Accepts Role of Asset Recovery Material Supervisor

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Employees at Advanced Technology Recycling’s corporate campus in Pontiac, IL, received exciting news that one of their own, Lourdes Burgos, has accepted the role of Asset Recovery Material Supervisor (ARMS).

Lourdes Burgos rocking the ATR Christmas party

The announcement was made by Site Manager Dan Hendershott (who himself was recently promoted to Central Region Operations Manager…stay tuned for an article about Dan to be released on Monday, March 30th) shortly before operations in Pontiac were temporarily suspended to comply with Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Stay-at-Home order issued on March 20th and expected to last through April 7th.

The ARMS team is ATR’s first line of defense when protecting an asset’s recoverable value and ensuring each customer’s individual processing instructions are followed meticulously.

said Brodie Ehresman, Advanced Technology Recycling’s Director of Marketing

A position like Asset Recovery Material Supervisor is essential for a company like ATR, who’s ability to offer clients individually customized SOW (Scopes of Work) has proven essential in ensuring each asset qualifies for the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) possible. Knowing that ATR prefers to fill these positions from within speaks highly of our company’s culture of growth and opportunity. Speaking from experience, ATR employees are encouraged to apply for open positions, not only from within their own department or site, but also at any of ATR’s eight facilities throughout the country.

Although job postings were temporarily suspended due to the mandatory shutdowns caused by the COVID 19 outbreak, I’m optimistic the bans will eventually be lifted so be sure to bookmark the ATR career page www.Linkedin.com/company/atrecycle and check back after the all clear is issued.

Lourdes knows all about ATR’s culture of growth and opportunity. She started at ATR in September of 2018 as an Asset Specialist where she researched the value of re-marketable assets, managed online postings, and worked with customers to answer questions and resolve any issues. She also spent time learning the sales pipeline (where re-marketable assets from all 8 locations are prepared for resale) and working in the shipping department, before moving to LCDs and being made Team Lead. Noting ATR’s proclivity to hire from within, Lourdes submitted her resume to HR and was offered the position of Asset Recovery Material Supervisor. She credits her hard work and dedication, along with management’s willingness to promote from within, to the success she has enjoyed at ATR.

Asked about the responsibilities of her new role, Lourdes said that her job is ultimately to maximize customers’ returns on valuable re-marketable equipment, while also assisting to qualify new wholesale buyers (go to www.atrecycle.com/wholesale-electronics if you’re interested in learning more about our wholesale buying program).

It’s also my responsibility to support and assist the team in whatever capacity I can.

said Lourdes

Lourdes is the kind of person who finds fulfillment in the process of lifting others and encouraging everyone to be their best.

Lourdes and her wife moved to Pontiac (from Florida) to be closer to family. The affordable cost of living in the area allows her wife to pursue a nursing degree. For them, Pontiac has been “a new beginning to a fresh start to success.

Having moved to Pontiac myself in 2018, I agree with Lourdes’s description of this small town in Illinois, located along historic Route 66, about an hour and a half drive from Chicago. ATR is just one of several national companies with facilities in Pontiac. It’s also home to a charming downtown, where classic car shows are held monthly, and where the FX show Fargo recently filmed an episode. Add in all of the parks and the Vermillion river, and Pontiac turns out to be one of the Midwest’s hidden jewels.

Of course, should Lourdes decide to seek adventure elsewhere, there are always other ATR facilities for which she could seek a transfer. That’s another benefit for ATR employees: the company not only seeks to hire from within but offers multiple opportunities for those employees looking for a change of scenery. ATR operates facilities in Buffalo, NY; Richmond, VA; Grand Rapids, MI; Pontiac, IL; Birmingham, AL; San Antonio, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; and the most recent addition in Las Vegas, NV. And that’s just today, who knows where ATR will open up a facility next!

Lourdes is eager to get back to work, as are all employees affected by the recent temporary site closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. She is staying safe and staying home, but she is also–like so many others–watching the news and awaiting the word that operations have been reinstated. Because they will. Things will get better and America will make it through this pandemic, and companies like ATR will continue to thrive and grow because they understand that the formula for a successful business is a simple one: Satisfied Customers + Valued Employees = Continued Growth and Success.

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Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.