ITAD Service Provider ATR Offers Smooth Sailing During Turbulent Times

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COO Kenneth Ehresman explains how ATR has successfully grown the company during turbulent times.

The annual E-Scrap Conference arrives at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, FL, this year on Monday, September 23 and runs through Wednesday, September 25.  Advanced Technology Recycling’s own COO, Ken Ehresman, will be speaking Tuesday in the Florida Ballroom for Concurrent Session A:  Growth in a Turbulent Time.

            And turbulent times they are!  The entire industry was caught off guard in July when Arrow Electronics announced plans to shutter their ITAD division, leaving customers and employees scrambling.  How could this happen to such a large player in the ITAD space?  And speaking of large players with big problems, industry giant Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) reported a nearly 17% drop in profits for the 2019 fiscal year.  On top of dropping profits, SRS’s parent company, Sims Metal Management, is feeling the pain from the recent drop in steel and aluminum prices.  And of course no one can forget the unfortunate fate of Total Reclaim’s owners, who were sentenced to over two years in prison for charges related to exporting LCD devices to Hong Kong.

            To the outside observer, things must look bad.  Giants are falling and the global economy seems to be slowing.  Tariffs and trade wars have caused significant changes in scrap metal values.  From China to India, the market overseas for e-plastics has seen a number of shocking restrictions enacted.  One can’t help but wonder, “What happens next?”

            Take heart, it isn’t all doom and gloom!  While there are plenty of companies who seem intent only on growing bigger, with no idea how to grow better (for a comprehensive read, check out “Bigger isn’t always Better:  The Importance of the Personal Touch in Business“), there is at least one company out there blazing its own trail, maintaining ethical standards while setting industry trends and avoiding industry failures.  That company is Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR).

            ATR has been in the e-scrap and ITAD industry for over 15 years (and the technology industry as a whole since the early 90s).  The owners, Ken and Barb Ehresman, are the archetypal power couple (she’s the CEO, he’s COO), leading with a hands-on approach shaped by decades of knowledge and experience.  What started as local business in the heart of Illinois, has expanded to a nationwide company with 8 certified facilities, each one capable of providing both recycling and remarketing services.  Customers who call and ask the inevitable, “Do you do pick-ups in my area?” are always pleasantly surprised to learn that ATR services all markets, from coast to coast.  ATR has even teamed up with international partners when necessary, driven by a vision to get the job done, whatever that entails (knowing that each job is different) and to get it done right.

            It’s true that for many ITAD companies these are turbulent times, but many businesses are experiencing nothing but smooth sailing by partnering with ATR.  So call today for more information (877-781-7779) or visit to see how ATR can help you meet and exceed all of your ITAD expectations.  And if you’re in Orlando on Tuesday, September 24, make sure to stop by the Hilton Orlando and catch COO Ken Ehresman in the Florida Ballroom at 1:30 P.M. to hear how ATR continues to grow during turbulent times without sacrificing standards of quality.

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.