ATR Launches IoT Recycling Program

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ATR Buffalo, NY March 9, 2018 announced today they’re seeking OEM support and developing an IoT Recycling program to manage IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

A new information revolution is present today via cloud computing, big data analytics, cognitive computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) thus having created a new crop of smart devices.  Our interconnected world of technology and savvy devices has completely changed the way we live and do business and IoT enabled devices are predicted to grow as businesses address consumer demand, collect data and increase productivity.

ATR IoT Recycling Program“ATR’s IoT recycling program isn’t something most businesses think about as they upgrade their facility or invent new solutions with the latest Internet enabled device to meet the demands of consumers, but they should ” said Randy Coons a National Business Development Manager for Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR).

The Internet of things (IoT) is actually a network of physical devices and automation embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables objects to connect and exchange data such as vehicles, appliances, robotics and wearable devices.

These technologies produced and used by businesses are becoming a way of life and an intricate part of our growing global business economy.
Industrial applications for the IoT include a variety of industries and potential solutions for; emergency response, traffic and transportation, street and traffic lighting, medical/health institutions, building energy management, HVAC and safety/ quality control.

With ongoing widespread deployment of IoT technologies, the exciting possibilities are hiding  unintended consequences of improperly handling these new waste streams. These new devices and technologies, present increased challenges in protecting our health and the environment from the harmful effects associated with the unsafe handling and disposal of these products.
This is becoming an issue – Electronic components  used throughout the IoT value chain will eventually end up as E-Waste – our fastest growing waste stream.

Governments are beginning to look closer at the impact of IoT on society, specifically  at security and privacy, however the consequences of IoT on environmental sustainability is not looked at with the same sense of urgency.
“OEM’s, distributors, suppliers and end users should all become advocates for improved  IoT environmental sustainability;  product durability, increased life cycle, reuse or repair options and identification of toxic materials should be a consideration in form and design” suggests Coons.

ATR Secure Destruction IoT Recycling ProgramThe rise of computerized IoT is resulting in a losing battle in the war on E-Waste as more and more devices and objects become connected and computerized . Most people know an expired TV or Cell Phone is E-Waste, but that new appliance, watch, monitoring device or toy may not be considered as such.  Most people don’t consider these items as E-Waste.

“ATR is inviting Communication Service Providers (CSPs), M2M hardware vendors, End-to-End Solution and Installation providers to participate with us to create sustainable recycling solutions through advanced planning and take back programs” said Coons.

ATR is an industry leader in providing Secure Destruction and Recycling Services for Commercial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial and Aerospace/Defense customers and authorized by the U.S. State Department to manage highly sensitive assets for the Military.

When seeking IoT and ITAD Services, look for a company that has the track record and certifications to protect your  reputation and interests, including; R2:2013, ISO1401:2004, OSAS1801:2007 Certification, No Environmental Violations and Compliant with Local, State and Federal Laws regarding safeguarding information and disposal of retired assets as well as the ability to remarket assets to improve your company’s triple bottom line.

Author: Randy Coons

Author: Randy Coons