Happy Veteran’s Day ATR Vets

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What is a Veteran and why do we acknowledge them today? 

Only 2020 could have demonstrated who a veteran is and why we reserve a day to thank them.  Veterans are Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Aunts and Uncles and their families that support them. 

Moreover they are givers not takers, leaders not followers, team builders not individuals, and selfless not selfish in their choice to give the most important thing they have in life.  Without Veterans there would be no freedom to vote, no freedom to voice our opinions, no freedom to choose our own path, no freedom to practice religion. 

In 2020 our fellow soldiers in uniform were asked to place their personal choices, feelings, and beliefs aside and do what was asked of them from protecting our street in the US to protecting US interest abroad.  They are silent, resilient, and driven from one common belief to serve their country in giving of their freedoms to serve ours.  They will be called upon yet again to help this great country in the deployment of hospitals and beds to treat COVID and hopefully soon the deployment and administration of a vaccine.

Please take time today to thank a Veteran at ATR or wherever you see one for without their service we would surely not be the great country we are.

We thought it would be appropriate to highlight ATR Veterans with a quick highlight of “what they did” while serving and a photo of them in uniform!

Sincerely, Barb and Ken Ehresman

Ken Ehresman

1982-1992 U.S. Army 16/C24Q Nike Hercules Mechanic, 24T5 Patriot System Mechanic, 27X Depot Patriot System Repair Technician

Scott Cochran

Scott Cochran- Airforce Aircraft Fuel Technician, Army Combat Signal Wireman

James Marable

James Marable- 11C Mortars Infantry

Melissa Cruz

Melissa Cruz – MOS: 96C10 Equipment Parts Specialist

Robert Triplett

Robert Triplett – Marines- 0317 Sniper

Jared Fitch

Jared Fitch – Army- Status, Active Duty Reserves, 19D Cavalry Scout & a 12B Combat Engineer

Hayden Walsberg

Hayden Walsberg- Army Reserves – 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist

Frank Brooks

Frank Brooks- Navy- Aircraft Structural Mechanic

Corey Amory

Corey Amory is still in active duty.

Corey has been active in the U.S. Army since November 12th, 2014, so tomorrow will mark 6 years he has served our country! Happy Anniversary Corey!

Corey started out as a 13B (Cannon Crew member) doing back breaking work in the hot sun for three years, when his active contract ended he decided to finish the remainder in the Reserves for five years as a 25N (Nodal Network Systems Operator). Best way to explain it is internet on wheels for the military, at any location in the world.

Thank you for your ongoing service Corey!

Chris Jackson                                     

MOS: 2W0X1-Munitions Systems

Specialist (AMMO) 22.5 Years

Craig Carpenter

(Air Force)

Aviation Sensor System Specialist 

Tom Singer

(Air Force Reserve)

Chaplain Candidate 

Thank you for your service!

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.