GSA Schedule & IT Asset Management Solutions

GSA Schedule

ATR’s GSA Schedule provides the highest standard of Government IT Asset Management to all Government Agencies that want to responsibly dispose of their end of life assets. ATR exercises secure and environmentally sound solutions for the secure management and removal of any Government Agencies end-of-life assets, while ensuring that highest level of data security through our company developed data destruction processes. ATR’s  primary processing  locations are ITAR Registered, on the GSA Schedule, and currently R2v3 and RIOS certified by an outside auditing body.

ATR has been in the IT Asset Management and Electronics Recycling business for 30 years. In those years, ATR has partnered with many Federal, State, and Local government agencies to recycle their IT equipment. ATR works closely with Contracting Officers, Primary Points of Contacts, and Government Employees to ensure that each asset is managed exactly as it is supposed to be. With  locations strategically located in eight different states ATR is positioned to offer every Government Agency a local or a nationwide recycling option.

GSA Schedule

ATR holds a contract within the United States Federal Government under the General Services Administration (GSA). We qualify for categories 899 and 999 and our GSA Contract Number is GS-10F-134BA and our contract was renewed April 2019. This contract is for on and off-site data destruction, IT Asset Management, and secure destruction of any Government equipment or assets.  View ATR Contract Details [here]

Media Sanitation

ATR has all the equipment and procedures to handle all media sanitation for any Government Agency. The shredding of data bearing devices is quickly becoming the standard for secure destruction. ATR has three (3) different shredding options, located in secure destruction facility, to ensure the physical destruction of your Hard Drives, Back-Up Tapes, Cell Phones, or any other asset that requires physical destruction. ATR also offers on-site data destruction services and allows our process to be witnessed by any customer and this eliminates any chain of custody issues that might arise. Our shredding options coupled with our processes ensures that we can shred down all types of data bearing devices to any size. Once the equipment has been shredded it is commingled with other shredded material and it is recycled within the United States.

Our HDD wiping software meets and exceeds the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The NIST standard requires that each drive be wiped one time, however our process requires that each drive is wiped three times to ensure that all data is eradicated. Once the wiping process is complete, each drive is assigned a green, yellow, or red status. Only green status is kept for resale and any drives that has a yellow or red status has failed our wiping process and those drives are sent to our secure destruction facility to be shredded. To finalize our wiping process, once per month drives are randomly selected and ran through our Validator to validate our wiping process.


At the completion of any media sanitation or secure destruction process a complete Certificate of Sanitation or Destruction is provided to the customer. The Certificate will be each customer’s record that the assets were sanitized or destroyed per each customer’s requirements. These certificates can be provided to you in excel, word, or PDF formats and can also be accessed via our secure client portal.