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Is the Gaming Industry betting on Recycling?


The gaming industry is a big business in the U.S. contributing over $240 billion dollars each year. In Illinois alone there are 26589 machines in 6604 establishments that brought in nearly $326 million in 2017.


Gaming Industry SecretsEverywhere you look it seems video gambling machines are popping up mainly in bars and gas stations. The turnover on these machines is quite high, but there are some that seem to stick around longer than others. It simply comes down to the overall performance of the machine.  Video gambling machines serve one purpose and that is to make money, and when they stop becoming profitable they get the boot. So what happens to the machine after they wheel it away does it end up getting picked up by the local trash man?  We hope not but when a machine is no longer able to perform they will do what they can to preserve as much as they can and later use the parts on other machines to cut costs, but again what happens to the stuff they can’t use?

What happens to old gambling machines?

The answer is that it needs to be properly recycled, there are several factors that go into this decision to recycle. One is personal image no one wants their name broadcast on the 5’oclock news for dumping their unwanted materials in a dump and potentially hurting the environment all establishments are looking for that good image to help grow their business. Another is to guarantee none of that equipment gets into the wrong hands and that is why it is important to find an ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) company who offers Secured Destruction Services.

Is there a better way?

Prior to joining the team myself a buddy of mine who works at Advanced Technology Recycling explained how ATR’s Secured Destruction Services benefit both customers and the environment.   My friend David Longstreet also explained R2 certified companies like ATR offer no landfill and export programs so customers can be sure all materials are reclaimed and repurposed. ATR is also audited by a third party to ensure they stay compliant with their R2 certifications at all 8 of their facilities throughout the country. One thing I found interesting was ATR’s ability to track equipment he told me “AT ATR we offer GeoTab services on all of our fleet trucks meaning all of our customers can track their equipment as soon as it leaves their dock all the way back to one of  our eight facilities we have in the United States.” said Longstreet  In addition to vehicle tracking ATR also offers remote check in, real time reporting and customers can even create their own scope of work.   This is just another way ATR can provide their customers peace of mind knowing their information is being handled in the most secure way.

Tell me more Nick…

I joined ATR as an account manager in 2018 and bring over 12 years of sales and manger experience in the OEM and MRO industrial market.  I received my Associates Degree from Heartland Community College and I was certified in Turf Grass Science from Penn State University. I love spending every chance I get with my wife and three kids and the many activities they throw at us plus a little golf whenever I get the chance is a nice bonus.  Feel free to give me a call at 815-844-7779 and tell me more about your Secure Destruction needs and we’ll come up with a program that makes Dollars and Sense!


Nick Masching
Author: Nick Masching