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FBI Investigation Leads to Seizure of Sensitive Documents

FBI Investivation leads to seizure of Sensative Documents

FBI Investigation leads to CRS Document Seizure

An FBI Investigation has turned up over 100 boxes of documents abandoned in a warehouse along with the 30 Million Pounds of CRT Glass the company is leaving behind in the wake of it’s 2014 Bankruptcy.  An earlier filing by Michael Markham, the attorney representing Creative Recycling’s bankruptcy trustee, indicated sensitive documents abandoned by the company at the storage facility could be of use to “governmental agencies with open investigations of the debtors, reports the Tampa Bay Business Journal.  During the hearing, Thomas said there are more than 100 bankers boxes full of documents that contain historical records and could potentially contain HIPAA-protected records.

Regions Bank, the major creditor whose $18 million lawsuit initiated Creative Recycling’s downfall in mid-2014, said the records could contain sensitive and confidential client data, according to court documents. The court approved the trustee’s notice of abandonment of all Creative Recycling Systems assets in late 2014.  Creative Recycling filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last summer but later converted it to Chapter 7 liquidation.

 Creative Recycling Systems isn’t the only company to stockpile CRT’s and then abandon them, in 2014 ATR reported the Ohio based EWSI was shuttering their facilities and subsequently abandoned warehouses full of the toxic glass while others struggle to meet demand or are forced to issue Public Apologies.   e-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream in Human History, it plagues our society with environmental and economic hazards that will haunt us for generations to come.

In a time of record low Commodity Prices and industry wide failures by unscrupulous and poorly managed Recycling companies looking to get rich quick at your expense the clear winners are evident by their track records of success.  Despite the troubles that plague our industry ATR continues to rise above the competition by setting new Guinness Records and creating sustainable job growth across the country.

Brodie Ehresman
Author: Brodie Ehresman

ATR (Advanced Technology Recycling) is a US based ISO14001, R2 (Responsible Recycling), OHSAS 18001 and ITAR (International Traffic Arms Regulations) certified Electronics Recycling company that specializes in risk mitigation for asset recovery and management. The parent company was formed in 1992 and transitioned away from traditional IT Sales/Service in 2002 after receiving (2) of the single largest grants in Illinois history in 2005 and 2006. Today ATR has become an innovative leader for E-waste management by diverting Millions of pounds of e-waste from our landfills annually. Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is currently their National Business Development Manager for the US and Canada. Brodie utilizes his 20+ years of IT background and entrepreneurship to develop innovative sustainable recycling solutions to help his customers improve their triple bottom line. During his tenure Brodie has augmented the company’s regional customer base onto a national platform and is currently developing an international strategy for 2019.