Closed Loop CRT Processor Fail

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Closed Loop opens up…

Closed Loop Refining and Recovery is no longer certified to the R2 standard in Arizona and their Ohio certification has been suspended.   Resource Recycling has been following this developing story for some time and broke the news earlier today, click on above link to read all their findings.

According to a Closed Loop Refining and Recovery spokesperson, the company chose not to pay dues related to renewing and retaining certification because the standard “provided no benefit to us.”  This is in sharp contrast to the prominent positioning of the R2 Logo on their web site, which has since been removed at the request of SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) the housing body for the R2 standard.  As a result of this action Closed Loop Refining and Recovery has been placed on the growing list of recycling companies not able to meet the stringent R2 requirements.

Closed Loop emerged in 2010 as a potential R2 Certified downstream option for CRT glass but has failed to remain complaint during recent audits.   According to records from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Closed Loop reported having more than 47.5 million pounds of leaded CRT glass at its facility in Phoenix as of Dec. 31, 2015.

With its R2 certification set to expire on Feb. 4, 2016, Closed Loop was audited by Orion toward the end of 2015.  Closed Loop received a notice of violation in regards to its Phoenix site from Arizona DEQ in October 2014. The violation was the result of storage, labeling and leaded-glass accumulation issues.

John Lingelbach, the executive director of SERI, which administers the R2 standard, released a statement for Resource Recycling’s article: “For some time now, SERI has been monitoring both of Closed Loop’s facilities and communicating with the company, Arizona DEQ and Orion. Orion’s actions come as no surprise and SERI supports them. Of course, the most pressing issue is the disposition of the glass. We certainly hope that Closed Loop responsibly manages all of it. In the alternative, the company’s closure plan must be implemented in a timely manner.”

 Advanced Technology Recycling does not use Closed Loop Refining and Recovery as a downstream solution for CRT processing and we will continue to audit our processes to ensure all downstream suppliers are compliant.   R2 Certifications ensure recycling companies are being held accountable for environmental standards set forth to protect us from unethical practices and ATR encourages consumers to check companies credentials before retaining their services.  Advanced Technology Recycling holds R2 certifications for all 6 of our facilities with the exception of our newest location in Richmond VA which is has not opened yet.  Isn’t it time to ReThink Electronics Recycling..ThinkATR!


Brodie Ehresman
Author: Brodie Ehresman

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