ATR Welcomes Angela Sullivan Shoop

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Angela Sullivan Shoop ATR Customer Service Manager

She was also a Project Manager for a firm in NYC. After years of experience, she decided to move back to Illinois, her home State. She then worked with Country Financial and the Illinois Farm Bureau for several years. Here at ATR, she’s the Customer Service Manager, and leads a team of 4 outstanding team members.

Working with a diverse background of clients has enabled her to lead the team with a unique perspective. Empowering other women to do their best, is a personal and professional goal.   

Angela Sullivan-Shoop joined the ATR Customer Service Team in the Summer of 2021.  She brings 20+ years of experience in the customer service field. She’s had positions with Edward Jones in both St. Louis, MO & Tempe, AZ. 

Angela lives in Lexington with her husband Michael and has 3 spoiled pets. Time with family and friends is a priority, but she prefers time in her Art room creating original pieces for them. Her medium is graphite pencil, colored pencil, and recently acrylic painting.

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.