ATR Richmond Team Pushes On

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A few weeks ago most of us would have visualized a pandemic lifestyle in one of two ways; disheveled, pajama clad, with NETFLIX exhaustion setting in, or worried, frenetic, and increasingly concerned about “real” exhaustion setting in. 

ATR would like to welcome Frank Brooks to the Richmond team, a hard working and dedicated group!

Perhaps those of us who find ourselves healthy and between these extremes have the most to be thankful for. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that whether working to provide life sustaining goods or services, or isolating ourselves from the human contact which also sustains us, this time of broad sacrifice weighs on us all.

Here at ATR, while most of our facilities are closed down, we are continuing to soldier on as much as possible with stringent safety measures in place,and remain prepared to meet the needs of our clients who are open during this time of crisis to provide essential functions. While most of our sites are complying with government mandated shutdowns, Richmond and Salt Lake City remain open for business.

With the active workforce shrinking and vanishing around the globe, a very different story took place this week at our Richmond facility, as we welcomed Frank Brooks to his new position as Richmond’s Site Manager.  While it’s hard to imagine a more difficult time to start a new job, Frank has risen to the challenge.  We’re extremely grateful for the addition of Frank’s expertise to our leadership team, and also for his team in Richmond, all of whom have stepped up to support him during this transition.

When asked about the experience of starting a new job in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Frank commented that “The crew here has been doing an amazing job. They understand our current challenges, and why we have to place limits on personnel onsite for the sake of everyone’s safety.

“Since I have arrived in Richmond, everyone onsite has been eager to help me get settled in, especially the administration team that has been working with me remotely to get me up to speed.”

Author: Pete Swavely

Pete Swavely joined the ATR Business Development Team in late 2019. An industry veteran, Pete brings 14+ years of experience to ATR, with extensive expertise in electronics resale and niche recycling markets. Upon entering the industry in 2005, he founded resale operations for a prominent regional electronics recycler, and grew that portion of the business for the next decade before entering into an Outside Sales role in 2014. Pete prides himself on an ability to find solutions for complex and diverse customer needs. Pete resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is a native of the beautiful Lehigh Valley. An avid outdoorsman and seeker of novelty, his hobbies include metal detecting, rockhounding, mushroom foraging, and Disc Golf. Pete also enjoys spending time with his young and growing family. Contact Pete at