ATR Drivers talk about COVID 19, a view from the road.

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Mark Neubauer does his part to keep critical supply chains moving along.

If you’ve ventured out of quarantine for any reason during the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that traffic is at an all time low, with one major exception – semis and other bulk transportation vehicles are still on the roads at full strength. The trucking industry that fuels our infrastructure and makes our world possible doesn’t have the luxury of staying at home, in fact, many truckers are working now more than ever.

This is also the case at ATR. Even as most of our facilities are officially closed, we still have customers to service, many of whom qualify as essential operations. We were curious about what insight our drivers might offer regarding his daily routine in a dramatically altered world, so we talked to Mark Neubauer, one of our road warrior veterans based out of ATR HQ in Pontiac, IL.

When asked if he is concerned about being at work during the pandemic, Mark told us “My concerns at a customer’s location are pretty limited. In most cases I only have to interact with one person. I started taking my own pen to sign paperwork, and I do my best to limit what I touch.” Mark also says that he “came back to work to help the business work through the shutdown”, and that he feels safe due to the fact that his interaction with other people is extremely minimal, and in most cases, can be eliminated altogether.

Mark’s stalwart attitude is representative of ATR’s philosophy at large; unwavering commitment to service, and steadfast dedication to our customers.During the shutdown, a skeleton crew of key ATR personnel are still working remotely to provide service as needed, please give us a call today if you think we can help with your recycling needs!

We are grateful to everyone who is keeping the country running during these difficult times, and we are committed to doing our part while taking appropriate precautions to protect our most critical resource; our people.

Author: Pete Swavely

Pete Swavely joined the ATR Business Development Team in late 2019. An industry veteran, Pete brings 14+ years of experience to ATR, with extensive expertise in electronics resale and niche recycling markets. Upon entering the industry in 2005, he founded resale operations for a prominent regional electronics recycler, and grew that portion of the business for the next decade before entering into an Outside Sales role in 2014. Pete prides himself on an ability to find solutions for complex and diverse customer needs. Pete resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is a native of the beautiful Lehigh Valley. An avid outdoorsman and seeker of novelty, his hobbies include metal detecting, rockhounding, mushroom foraging, and Disc Golf. Pete also enjoys spending time with his young and growing family. Contact Pete at