ATR Donates Extra Masks to Richmond Medical Facility

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Everyone can take steps to leverage operational downtime for the good of the community, way to go ATR Richmond!

Image showing ATR office in Richmond in snow storm with medical mask superimposed within to look safe, also shows A T R Cares
Advanced Technology Recycling Richmond Virginia Facility remains open and operational at this time.

In this time of shifting priorities and uncertainty for businesses across the globe, a clear path forward has become an elusive goal. COVID 19 will continue to change our world in the coming weeks and months. During times like this, it can be difficult to remain optimistic with so many challenges facing us. A growing number of businesses including ATR have suspended or augmented their normal operations to meet the growing demand for critical life saving products and services. All of us can take steps to leverage operational downtime for the good of the communities, no matter our size or scale.

For example, at ATR’s Richmond VA facility, an employee suggested donating their unused surplus of N-95 face masks to local hospital. Our CEO Barbara Ehresman immediately approved the request and sent out a notice for all other ATR facilities to locally distribute their surplus as well. Representatives from C.J.W Medical Center in Richmond were surprised to get the call but very grateful because they were actually running low, and the supplies were swiftly gathered and deployed. 

As we seek to remain safe, and try to sustain ourselves through this crisis, as community partners, we must also be mindful of ways that we can utilize our resources for everyone’s benefit.  Pete Swavely

What can you do to help?

I think we can all agree business isn’t going to continue as usual during this time of crisis, but ATR will remain operational and available to help our “essential business” customers throughout the shutdown. Additionally, with forced work at home mandates and school closings, many families need computer equipment necessary to work from home and allow their children get their schoolwork done so our Ebay stores will continue filling orders when possible.

If your company is providing “essential services” and you have a need we may be able to help or locate someone who can. Please feel free to email me at to discuss any needs you may have, we can help.

Author: Pete Swavely

Pete Swavely joined the ATR Business Development Team in late 2019. An industry veteran, Pete brings 14+ years of experience to ATR, with extensive expertise in electronics resale and niche recycling markets. Upon entering the industry in 2005, he founded resale operations for a prominent regional electronics recycler, and grew that portion of the business for the next decade before entering into an Outside Sales role in 2014. Pete prides himself on an ability to find solutions for complex and diverse customer needs. Pete resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is a native of the beautiful Lehigh Valley. An avid outdoorsman and seeker of novelty, his hobbies include metal detecting, rockhounding, mushroom foraging, and Disc Golf. Pete also enjoys spending time with his young and growing family. Contact Pete at