ATR COVID 19 Service Bulletin

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We are monitoring the Corona virus and are prepared to help you as needed.

ATR COVID 19 Service Bulletin Image showing logo and release date

During this difficult time please be advised ATR is taking the necessary precautions to mitigate customer and employee exposure to COVID-19. We are here to support you and are working hard to ensure our ATR team members can continue to provide you with uninterrupted, dependable service.

ATR remains open at all facilities and operations will continue as normal while we closely monitor the COVID-19 developments nationally. Please be advised ATR is monitoring CDC and local Health Department recommendations and will continue to follow these recommendations as necessary.

We understand conditions are changing rapidly and our Customer Service teams are on standby ready to assist you with any scheduling changes or questions you may have. Please contact us at 1877-781-7779 or email if you need to request a scheduling change or inquire about an upcoming shipment.

ATR is actively implementing additional precautions to reduce the threat including but not limited to:

Reduction or elimination of all non-essential travel for all ATR personnel
Postponement and/or cancellation of non-essential facility visits Increased facilities sanitation efforts and ongoing exposure awareness training
Drivers have been instructed to remain in their vehicles when possible and use cell phones to communicate with customers, staff and non-essential personnel.
ATR has updated internal policies to simplify the process to self-quarantine when appropriate conditions are present.
Additional training and information will be distributed to each facilities EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) representative to help mitigate future risks should conditions change.

Please help us to serve you better by observing the following requests when possible.

Please prioritize scheduling requests
When possible please have your shipments ready in advance and moved to the designated pickup location at your facility to reduce our drivers need to enter your building.
Medical Equipment customers will need to provide current decontamination statements prior to scheduling a pickup and please alert your Account Manager if your facility is actively caring for infected patients.

As always, thank you for being a loyal customer. We will continue to closely monitor the situation, stay focused on keeping our employees and communities healthy, and providing you the support you need. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.