ATR Acknowledges VIP Employees

At the annual year end Holiday party, ATR acknowledges employees for the their outstanding service to ATR.  This year the CEO and COO decided to start several awards programs for employees that acknowledges these employees as VIP employees for ATR. The awards ranged from years of service to special recognition for hard work, Peer recognition and Road Warriors. There were 37 total awards given this year.

Peer Recognition Award

Employees were asked to nominate peers that they felt went above and beyond to assist throughout the year. We had 16 employees nominated and 11 that were recognized for their outstanding commitment to ATR. The awardees for this category were: Brett Bennett (started 2014) and John Gallup (2015) from our Pontiac IL/Corporate office, Miguel Chavez (2013), Andrew Riggins (2014) and Christopher Joshua (2017) from our San Antonio TX facility. Walter Pyper (2016) has been recognized from our Grand Rapids MI facility, Mariah Montford (2017) from Pontiac IL and Rodney Davis (2017) from Richmond VA. Our Birmingham AL facility had 2 awardees Barrett Jones (2014) and James Moore (2014) as did our Tooele UT facility, Elizabeth Worwood (2016) and Shawnee Hardman (2016).

Road Warrior Award

We had 3 Class A CDL drivers that drove over 50,000 miles for us this year. John Gallup has been driving for us since 2015 and has logged 61,557 miles this year. Mark Neubauer started with us in 2016 and has pulled 57,832 miles this year. Christopher Joshua became part of our team in early 2017 and has driven 57,246 miles this year. These gentlemen are true road warriors, they don’t complain about long runs or staying out for a few days, they smile and get the job done.

Service Awards

Service awards were given to the following employees for 5 years of service with ATR:

Kyle Rosine: (Pontiac Campus) Kyle started with ATR July 25th of 2011 at our extended Pontiac location. He worked at Chucky Cheese as team 2 trainer/supervisor/game repair technician for 3yrs prior to coming to ATR. At ATR he worked as warehouse, tech and driver.

Brodie Ehresman: (Grand Rapids) Brodie started in March of 2012. He started as the Grand Rapids Site Manager, and then moved to the position of external sales. He is now currently working some External accounts along with our marketing and SEO. He is always willing to pick up the pieces when he is asked and has given many countless hours helping when needed.

Laurie Benningfield: (Pontiac) Laurie started with ATR August 2, 2012 as the Receptionist and since then has held positions as Logistics Coordinator, DOT/Fleet Supervisor, and Compliance Supervisor.  Prior to coming to ATR she worked as A Paraprofessional at Gibson City High School for 5yrs., Substitute Teacher’s Aide, and at Monical’s Pizza, as Assistant Manager for 7years before that.

Joe Bickett: (Pontiac) Joe started with ATR May 11, 2011, as Logistics Coordinator and has since been promoted to Logistics Supervisor. Prior to coming to ATR he worked at DSC Logistics for 7yrs. Supervisor, inventory, inbound and outbound, along with multiple positions.

Scott Cochran: (Pontiac) Scott started with ATR May 25, 2011, as Warehouse/Driver. Prior to coming to ATR he worked for Pip Printing for 9 yrs, as a lead press operator. He is one of our strongest employees in the Customer Satisfaction. We always receive positive feedback from our customers when he does a delivery or inter acts with them.

Lisa Putney:  (Pontiac) Lisa started with ATR December 17, 2012. Prior to coming to ATR Lisa worked in the Banking field for over 6 years. Starting out as a teller, and working her way up to management. She started as an accounting assistant while helping out with the daily operations at the Nook uptown. Since then she has worked herself up to achieve the position of Payroll Manager.

Dan Hendershott:  (Pontiac) Dan started with ATR, at our Pontiac facility August 21, 2009, prior to working for ATR Dan worked as a Laborer for Bob Shay.  Dan applied as general labor position with ATR, was promoted to Team Lead, he also was local driver. Became the Site Supervisor of a remote campus location which he successfully managed for over 2 years.  He then relocated back to the Corporate Site in Pontiac and was promoted to the Site Manager.

Ryan Lewis: (Pontiac) Ryan started with ATR November 18, 2011 as warehouse. Prior to working for ATR he worked Prairie Central Coop for 6 months, and Manpower.  He has worked multiple positions in the warehouse/steel building.  On one of his performance evaluations it was said “Ryan is honest and professional and always is willing to greet someone with a smile and a hello. “

Miguel Chavez: (San Antonio) Miguel started February 2, 2013 at a CDL driver/Warehouse. Prior to ATR he worked at Cole Hersee as an Inventory Analyst for 4 years.


Linda Fischer: (San Antonio) Linda started working with ATR 1/9/2013 as an Office Admin. She worked in Asset Recovery then went to Training Coordinator. Prior to ATR she worked as an Office Manager/Bookkeeper at Technology Recycling Services and Discount PC

Service awards were given to the following employees for 10 years of service with ATR:

Dave Ehresman: Started with ATR June 19, 2006. He ran the Octane 66 for a year as Owner Operator. He since has been the Quality Assurance Manager and now the Logistics Manager.

Kenny Ehresman: Started with ATR November 5, 2004, Director of IT. Prior to coming to ATR he worked at Serpentine Chevrolet Orrville as a detail/porter. He received his A+ certification Feb. 09.  He has done a multitude of jobs while here at ATR, he also helps Ken with his buying and selling of Kens Cars.

East Side Project- We also had a very large roof project that was completed mid-December of this year; the guys that worked on this project also received special recognition. This project was a very large undertaking as they needed to not only install a new roof on the section of the building that is being renovated, but they also had to remove the old roof which was not in good condition. These gentlemen worked tirelessly for over a month to get it completed before the weather turned and stopped work. They worked long hours in sometimes, less than ideal weather, but they finished the roof 2 days before their deadline and before winter weather became a real issue. Miguel Martinez had worked for ATR as a subcontractor from 2013 until he joined the ATR team in 2017, headed up this project. Miguel’s crew consisted of Doug Timmerman (2015), Harlynd Bennett (2017), Jesse Gonzalez (2017), John Bennett (2012), Anthony Walter (2017), Anthony Walter (2017), Ryan Lewis (2011)Todd Craig (2016), Kevin Gutierrez (2017),Myles Carls (Subcontractor)

President’s Award– The final award given was the President’s award, this award was given to an individual that met the following criteria, the individual must be an ATR employee for no less than 36 months, and show continued growth and assumption of responsibilities. Dan Hendershott was selected for this award, Dan started in the warehouse in 2009, he started in the lowest position in the company and has worked his way up to achieve the responsibilities he has today. He was promoted to team lead in 2012 and to Manager in 2016, Dan has managed NY City Take Out of Equipment, multiple White Glove Equipment Extractions throughout the US, and has traveled to help develop and lead team through transitions. Dan has had his ups and downs through the years, but has always stuck with ATR. Dan was promoted twice to Team Lead and twice gave up the position. He receives feedback and then forms a plan and executes on that plan. Dan is always willing to try to help even when he doesn’t want to. Recently he didn’t complain about climbing on the roof, yet later we found out he is truly afraid of heights! He truly has a can do attitude, and comes to work ready to make a difference.

Congratulations to Dan and all of the other award recipients! Your hard work and dedication is noticed and appreciated!!