Director of Client Services

Ray Magee, Director of Client Services

Ray Magee Director of Client Services Ray first joined ATR in 2010 as the primary Business Development Manager for the central US region.  During his tenure Ray helped ATR sales and marketing teams expand nationally and he is currently forming a new client services department which will be based out ATR’s original corporate headquarters building located in Pontiac Illinois.    The Client Services team will benefit from  his vast knowledge of ITAD/ITAM management solutions and his 30+ years of Sales and Customer Support experience.  In his spare time Ray enjoys golfing and visiting his children who attend college abroad.

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Business Development Team

Paulina Monteros, Sales Manager San Antonio TX

Paulina Espinosa de los Monteros joined the ATR Account Manager Team on July 2018 bringing her passion for the Environment. She wants to develop new solutions to resolve contamination and educate people about the problems that the planet is having in these days.

She got her Biology Degree at the University of Texas at El Paso, she is bilingual since her native language is Spanish. Her hobbies are hiking, swimming, running, and cooking. Her main goal in life is to have a planet we can live, love and play on.

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Pete Swavely, Business Development Manager

Pete Swavely ATR Business Development Manager, East Coast Region

Pete Swavely joined the ATR Business Development Team in late 2019.  An industry veteran, Pete brings 14+ years of experience to ATR, with extensive expertise in electronics resale and niche recycling markets.  Upon entering the industry in 2005, he founded resale operations for a prominent regional electronics recycler, and grew that portion of the business for the next decade before entering into an Outside Sales role in 2014.  Pete prides himself on an ability to find solutions for complex and diverse customer needs.

Pete resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is a native of the beautiful Lehigh Valley.  An avid outdoorsman and seeker of novelty, his hobbies include metal detecting, rockhounding, mushroom foraging, and Disc Golf.  Pete also enjoys spending time with his young and growing family.

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Ryan W. Allen, Business Development Manager

Ryan Allen Business Development Manager for ATRRyan W. Allen joined the ATR team in early 2023 bringing with him many years of experience in the recycling industry.  In his previous role, Ryan helped manufacturing and distribution facilities recycle and launder operational consumables that are often overlooked in standard recycling streams.

Ryan is based in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC and will be managing accounts nationally during his tenure at ATR. Over the years, Ryan has developed a deep passion for the environment, and takes pride within his roll of reducing the carbon footprint of his customers, while helping to make our planet green, and prosperous for generations to come.

When not helping clients improve their triple bottom line,  you can find Ryan outside and as close to a body of water as possible enjoying some of his favorite hobbies such as, golfing, boating, and white-water rafting where Ryan is currently certified to solo raft down lower-class rapids.

Ryan is also an avid sports fan and is a diehard for his banner team, The Boston Bruins.


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Regional Account Management Team

Anne Velez, Account Manager

Anne Marie joined the team in November 2020 with over 10 years’ experience from Department of Homeland Security.  She is new to the industry, and started her journey with ATR as the Compliance Administrator at the San Antonio site.  Anne brings considerable procedural insights and valuable expertise in customer service to the ATR Client Services Group.


During her tenure Anne’s commitment to excellence, along with her expertise in managing sensitive information has facilitated ongoing advancement into her current role as a Regional Account Manager. Anne strives to go above and beyond to meet our client’s needs, and her determination to do it right, has made her successful in acquiring new accounts for the San Antonio region.


Anne is the proud Mother of 2 Daughters , with 3 Grandchildren (another on the way) and 3 beautiful bonus Grandchildren, all of which she loves deeply.  Anne places a high priority on serving the needs of others.  Anne prides herself on the work she does with both inward and outward reaching Missions, which has allowed her to connect with very diverse groups of individuals.  When not at work Anne enjoys reading, fellowship and spending time with her growing family both at home, and at Church.

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