Employee Spotlight February 2024 Rachael Rice


A Testament of Dedication and Loyalty

Rachael Rice began the newest chapter of her ATR journey in October of 2021!  Part-time yet full of passion, Rachael’s role involves procurement negotiations on behalf of all seven ATR facilities. More than that, she’s our go-to person when extra help is needed around the office, embodying the very essence of versatility and commitment.

But what truly sets Rachael apart is her unwavering dedication to ATR’s best interests. She’s not just performing tasks; she’s constantly seeking the best solutions and ways to economize, ensuring our facilities are meeting their financial goals and objectives.  Her ability to think critically and act in the company’s best interest is a trait that shines as brightly as her unwavering faith.

“Rachael is a kind and dedicated young woman with a strong sense of faith. Her warm and honest nature is reflected in her professional life, where she consistently works hard to find the best solutions for ATR. Always considering the company’s interests, she skillfully navigates through complex bureaucracy to save costs and improve efficiency, demonstrating her commitment to her role and the company.”  

Barb Ehresman CEO Advanced Technology Recycling

Remarkable Achievements

Rachael’s tenure at ATR is marked by significant accomplishments. She recently secured a substantial credit for a phone line issue at one of our facilities. During the same call, she tactfully renegotiated our phone service contracts, cutting costs by over half annually. Such initiatives reflect her proactive approach to cost-saving and her deep understanding of ATR’s needs.

Embracing ATR’s Values

Rachael greatly appreciates ATR’s commitment to remaining family-owned and operated, a value that resonates deeply with her own beliefs. Her personal commitment to this philosophy is evident in how she approaches her work and interacts with colleagues, Rachael is truly a part of the ATR family.

Overcoming Challenges

We asked her to share a personal challenge she’s had to overcome.  Rachael enjoys the comradery of working closely with her colleges.  She had to adapt to working remotely with the various teams across ATR’s national footprint using telecommunications rather than in person.

“I’m a people person” said Racheal, “I like to build relationships with my colleagues through personal interactions, shaking hands, meeting face to face and collaborating in real time.  I very much enjoy meeting with our associates when they’re in town on business.”

Rachael adapted quickly to utilizing phone calls and online meetings to build relationships and accomplish tasks, but she does prefer face to face interactions. Her aspiration to visit every ATR site and personally meet her teammates reflects her dedication to fostering strong, personal connections.

A Source of Inspiration

Outside work, Rachael is a vibrant individual with a passion for music that she proudly shares with her entire family. Growing up playing drums alongside her brother in church, music remains a significant part of her life. Her musical talent is not just a hobby but a source of joy and inspiration that she shares on a regular basis with her two daughters and

Rachael Rice and Family, ATR February 2024 Employee Spotlight Recipient

Rachael Rice (Center) with her adoring family by her side.

husband who make up the remaining members of the family band.   Rachael’s favorite song is by Deep Purple, which is also the first song she learned how to play on the drums.  The 1972 hit “Smoke on the Water” was written from the band’s eyewitness account of a fire that broke out at a nearby Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention concert while touring in Switzerland.

Personal Goals and Philosophy

Rachael aspires to continually better herself, seizing every opportunity for personal growth. This philosophy is mirrored in her favorite quote from Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

A quote that is a true testament to her faith and resilience, Rachael can do anything!


Life Beyond Work

When away from work, Rachael cherishes time with her husband and two daughters. Whether making music, creating memories, or enjoying the sunshine on the water, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Rachael Rice is more than an employee; she’s part of our ATR family, a testament to the power of dedication, and a shining example of what it means to be part of a family-operated business. Her journey with ATR is a story of passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment, inspiring us all to strive for excellence in both our professional and personal lives.

January 2024, Holiday Heroes from Pontiac and Pensacola locations

Employee(s)  Spotlight – January 2024

2024 gets off to a Bang with a special Spotlight that showcases our 4 hero’s who postponed their  holiday celebrations to help others in need.

In the bustling halls of ATR’s Salt Lake City facility, as the holiday lights still adorned the office spaces and the scent of festive cheer lingers in the air, four extraordinary associates stood tall, embodying the true essence of teamwork, sacrifice, dedication, and holiday spirit.

As the first manager on the ground for this important initiative, I witnessed the unfolding story of Jaylen Collins, Gregory Robinson, Marshall Royalty, and Richard Rodriguez, the four ATR heroes who chose to forego their holiday celebrations to lend a helping hand to our SLC team. These associates weren’t just colleagues; they were the embodiment of ATR’s core values, turning a potentially stressful situation into a triumph of teamwork and camaraderie.

Let’s shine a spotlight on Jaylen Collins, affectionately known as “J,” who hails from Pensacola, FL. Despite having only seven months at ATR, Jaylen’s impact has been nothing short of phenomenal, marked by an unwavering enthusiasm that radiates through every task.

Jaylen’s zest for his work was evident, even in the face of challenging schedules that involved early mornings and late evenings. Rather than shying away from this demanding commitment, Jaylen embraced it with undeniable gusto. His dedication during this period became a beacon of inspiration for the entire team, setting a standard for excellence and resilience.

A recent forklift licensee and inventory expert, Jaylen’s technical skills became a cornerstone during the crunch time. His tireless efforts in the inventory and de-manufacturing departments were nothing short of invaluable, contributing significantly to the successful navigation of challenges that arose. Jaylen’s ability to seamlessly blend his skills and enthusiasm in high-pressure situations showcased not only his professional acumen but also his unwavering commitment to ATR’s mission.

Jaylen and Gregory our ATR Employee Spotlight recipients for January 2024

Image shows Gregory Robinson (left) and Jaylen Collins (right) our first ATR associates from Pensacola to land in SLC. The team spent nearly 3 weeks working long days and weekends helping the facility get ready for 2024.

Beyond the confines of the office, Jaylen’s commitment to personal growth was reflected in his love for working out and reading. This commitment to self-improvement mirrored his professional endeavors, creating a harmonious synergy between personal and career development. In a short span, Jaylen not only adapted to the ATR ethos but also contributed to its vibrancy, embodying the spirit of continuous improvement and dedication.

In recognizing Jaylen’s outstanding contributions, it is impossible to ignore the ripple effect of his positive energy on the entire team. His resilience in the face of challenges and his commitment to going above and beyond expectations have left an indelible mark on the ATR family. As we express our deepest appreciation for Jaylen’s impactful presence, we eagerly anticipate the continued brilliance he brings to our collective journey. Here’s to Jaylen Collins—a force to be reckoned with, an inspiration to us all, and an integral part of the ATR success story.


Now, let’s turn our attention to Gregory Robinson, lovingly referred to as “G,” a Pensacola local who has graced ATR with his presence for a mere four months. Gregory’s journey is nothing short of an odyssey marked by profound adversity, a testament to his unyielding spirit and determination to conquer every challenge life throws his way.

In the tapestry of his life, one cannot ignore the defining moment where Gregory not only faced but triumphed over a violent incident that defied the very essence of survival. The scars etched on his body stand not as symbols of defeat but as badges of resilience—a living testament to the indomitable will that courses through his veins.  Given the details of this incident Gregory has not only exceeded our expectations but also those of an entire medical community, truly amazing.

Photo shows Marshall and Richie from our Pontiac facility.

Photo shows Marshall (left) and Richie (right) posing the final day of Brodie’s visit.

Gregory’s unwavering commitment to pushing through life’s challenges doesn’t stop with personal struggles. In his brief time at ATR, he faced travel challenges head-on, conquering obstacles with a conviction that echoes life’s greatest achievements being worth the struggle. Gregory’s approach to adversity serves as an inspirational anthem, resonating through the corridors of ATR and beyond.  It was an honor to see someone who was told they would never walk or talk again rise above physical limitations to demonstrate a work ethic rarely seen.

His mantra, encouraging everyone to put their best foot forward, encapsulates Gregory’s philosophy and is a rallying cry for all who encounter him. It’s a call to action—a reminder that every step taken with determination contributes to the journey of triumph over challenges. Gregory’s words echo not just in our ears but in our hearts, igniting a spark of inspiration that transcends the workplace, creating a culture of resilience and relentless pursuit of goals.

As we celebrate Gregory’s resilience, we recognize him not merely as a colleague but as a beacon of determination. His journey at ATR, though brief, has already left an indelible mark on the collective spirit of the team. Gregory Robinson—a testament to the power of unwavering determination, an inspiration for all of us navigating the complexities of life, and a shining example of the triumph of the human spirit. Here’s to Gregory—a reminder that challenges are steppingstones to greatness, and with determination, every summit, even the cold ones at the top of the Utah mountains are within reach.

Marshall Royalty from our team from the Pontiac, IL location was tasked with managing the temp workforce and de-manufacturing processes, no easy task I can assure you!  With almost two years of invaluable service, Marshall stands out as an exceptional Inventory Specialist, wielding exceptional skills in rapid de-manufacturing—dismantling equipment with a precision and speed that ensures a facilities profitability.

Marshall’s contribution to the ever-changing workflows at ATR has been nothing short of remarkable. His ability to navigate through complexities and adapt to ever changing equipment steams have proven vital to operational success. His mastery in tearing down equipment at light speed in the de-manufacturing department is a testament to his technical prowess and commitment to excellence.

Beyond his professional achievements, Marshall is a proud father who aspires to be the best provider for his family. This commitment to family values is not only reflected in his work ethic but also in his personal aspirations. Marshall’s dedication to becoming a top-tier provider for his loved ones is a testament to the depth of character and responsibility he brings to the ATR family.

In addition to his work, Marshall finds joy in participating in SPL (Sound Pressure Level) competitions with his family. This shared passion not only reinforces the importance of teamwork but also showcases Marshall’s ability to bring people together in pursuit of common goals. The vibrancy and energy he brings to both his professional and personal pursuits illuminates his dynamic and multifaceted nature.

Marshall’s favorite quote, “Obstacles can’t stop you, problems can’t stop you, and most people can’t even stop you; only YOU can stop YOU,” encapsulates his philosophy and resonates deeply with the core values of ATR. It reflects a mindset that aligns seamlessly with our ethos—an unwavering determination to overcome challenges and strive for success, individually and collectively.  Under Marshall’s leadership the de-manufacturing department was able to process more loads in 6 days than in the previous 6 months, an amazing achievement!

As we applaud Marshall Royalty’s significant contributions to ATR, we acknowledge his unique blend of technical expertise, dedication to family, and passion for pushing boundaries. Marshall exemplifies the spirit of a true team player, demonstrating that success is not merely a destination, but a continuous journey fueled by resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are privileged to have Marshall as a valuable member of the ATR family, and we eagerly anticipate the continued impact of his contributions as we navigate the challenges and successes that lie ahead.

Last but certainly not least is the crew’s inventory lead, Richard Rodriguez, affectionately known as Richie, from the Pontiac location. With an ongoing tenure of two years and eight months, Richie’s journey exemplifies not only commitment but also a remarkable ascent into leadership roles within the company.

Richie’s multifaceted contributions were vividly highlighted on his very first day as he assumed added roles to replace the outgoing managers. The SLC team, under Richie’s guidance, soared to become our number one site for inventory contributions. This achievement wasn’t just a momentary triumph; it signified Richie’s adeptness at steering a team towards excellence from the very beginning of his leadership role.

Beyond the role of team lead, Richie seamlessly donned multiple hats, including his pivotal position as the Employee Health and Safety (EHS) representative. Tasked with the responsibility of keeping the high-output crew safe while working at a blinding pace, Richie showcased not just leadership but strategic thinking, ensuring that every member contributed to the collective success of the team. His ability to inspire and guide others was a testament to his natural leadership qualities.

Richie’s journey at ATR, from starting as a temporary employee to becoming an integral part of the management team assisting the site, underscores the plethora of career advancement opportunities the company offers. His ascent within the ranks mirrors the ethos of ATR—where dedication and hard work pave the way for personal and professional growth. Richie’s story, which recently added homeowner to his impressive list of attributes serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who believe in the limitless possibilities that ATR provides to those who are ready to embrace challenges and exhibit leadership qualities.

Away from the workplace, Richie’s love for cars and bikes is not merely a hobby but a reflection of his hands-on approach to life. It resonates with the philosophy that true excellence is derived from a combination of skill, flow, and intensity. Richie’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the professional realm, encompassing a passion for life that ignites enthusiasm in those around him.

Together with Jaylen, Gregory, and Marshall, Richie contributed significantly to the success of the SLC facility. Working tirelessly from 6 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday, they sacrificed their holiday festivities to ensure the facility was not only operational but excelling in its endeavors. Their collective work ethic, complemented by their diverse skills and backgrounds, didn’t merely contribute to success—it etched a narrative of resilience, camaraderie, and team spirit that will resonate within the corridors of ATR for years to come.

As we reflect on our team’s journey, we celebrate these future leaders who have embraced challenges, guided our SLC team to success, and personified the spirit of growth within ATR. Here’s to our hard-working remote crews—a testament to the power of leadership, an embodiment of ATR’s commitment to fostering excellence, and a driving force behind the enduring success of our entire organization.

As we step into 2024, let’s carry forward the lessons learned from Jaylen, Gregory, Marshall, and Richie—the embodiment of ATR’s commitment to excellence, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of a united team. May their story inspire us all to face new challenges with enthusiasm, support one another in times of need, and, most importantly, remember that the true victory lies in the journey, not just the destination. Cheers to a phenomenal year ahead!

Employee Spotlight – December 2023

Courtney Stevens

Salt Lake City Compliance Administrator

Courtney Stevens is the Compliance Administrator at our Salt Lake City UT facility; however, she encompasses a multitude of qualities and attributes that make her an integral part of our entire team.  Over the course of her four-year tenure, Courtney has actively sought opportunities to broaden her skill set by mastering a diverse array of roles, many of which play a pivotal role in ensuring the overall success of the facility.  Managing shipping, inventory, and pipeline operations, alongside her extensive responsibilities as the Site Compliance Administrator, Courtney continuously monitors and reports to Senior Leadership the site’s safety, productivity, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Despite facing ongoing resource constraints Courtney collaborates effectively, and when necessary, encourages other members of her team to take on new challenges and help where needed. Her confidence in the team’s capabilities is unwavering, expressing a belief that together, they can overcome any obstacle.

Courtney takes on not only her designated responsibilities but also goes above and beyond to contribute to the success of the SLC team. As a robust and supportive team player, she excels not only in her role but also demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities. The SLC team is very appreciative of these efforts, recognizing her dedication, and their genuine care and respect for Courtney underscore the strength of their collaborative bond.Her strong work ethic and determination to excel are truly inspirational, as she finds genuine enjoyment in delving into the intricacies of compliance laws and regulations. Her passion for acquiring knowledge and experience is evident, reflecting a broader love for continuous learning.

Courtney’s Regional Manager, George Gray, says; “Courtney is inquisitive and somewhat of a perfectionist.  She yearns to know the correct answer and wants nothing more than to execute her tasks perfectly.  She can be counted on daily to keep the Regional Operations Manager informed, and the needs of the customers met.  Her administration of loads coming in and out of the site it flawless.”

She stands out as a remarkably talented and astute individual, celebrated for her outstanding teamwork skills and meticulous attention to detail, especially in the realm of compliance tasks. Courtney’s dedication to delivering excellent results is paralleled by her sincere concern for the quality of her work and the well-being of her colleagues. Her consistently surpassing performance goes beyond expectations, earning commendations from customers who praise her exceptional service during interactions.

Her drive, determination, and passion for learning propelled her to achieve the distinction of Valedictorian in her high school graduating class—a proud accomplishment that she envisioned from her freshman year. Courtney said, “I set my mind to it when I was first in my class Freshman year, and I was determined to sustain this accomplishment all the way through graduation.”  Courtney reflects on this achievement with pride, underscoring her commitment and focused mindset throughout her academic journey which has traversed into her professional career. WOW…congratulations Courtney!

Image of Courtney Stevens ATR's employee of the month recipient December 2023, shown with her gray cat.Outside of her responsibilities at ATR, Courtney finds joy in a variety of activities, including reading, watching TV, hiking, and cherishing moments with her boyfriend and friends. Additionally, she treasures quality time with her feline companions, highlighting the importance of her bond with her cuddly and furry friends.

Furthermore, she shares a passion for singing karaoke with her mom and is actively involved in a band with her dad. In pursuit of her dreams, Courtney aspires to build a career in music, envisioning a future where she can lead a fulfilling and joyous life by doing what she loves.Image of Courtney Stevens ATR's employee of the month recipient December 2023 Band Image

When asked about the most impactful advice she’s ever received, Courtney shared a timeless wisdom from her mom. She recounted, “The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was from my mom, so long ago that I couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment. Essentially, she emphasized that if I love someone, I should never leave their presence without expressing it, even if I’m upset with them. Life is unpredictable, and it’s crucial that the people you care about are aware of your love just in case you never have the chance to see them again. I’ve embraced this philosophy ever since, and it will remain a guiding principle throughout my life.”

Congratulations, Courtney, on your remarkable achievements, both in your professional journey and personal endeavors. This well-deserved recognition is a testament to your dedication and hard work. You serve as a true inspiration to others, your drive, passion, persistence, and caring spirit radiate, creating a positive and contagious energy that draws people towards you. Your contributions to your co-workers, your site, and the success of ATR are genuinely appreciated. Thank you for your impactful presence and all that you do.

Employee Spotlight – November 2023 

Nicholas Peoples

Pensacola Internal Technician


Nicholas (Nick) Peoples began his journey with ATR in October of 2022.  Nick was among the very first group of employees hired on to our Corporate Headquarters in Pensacola Florida.  Nick was initially brought on board as a Computer Associate to work on a major project for a specific customer. During that time Nick was not only extremely helpful, dedicated, and hardworking, he was also willing and eager to jump in to help out with anything necessary.

His Director, Kenny Ehresman, described Nick as “a go-getter who is very willing to learn and push himself to get a task done.”  He went on to say that “Nick is working hard to grow his skill set.  He has already finished his A+ Certification and most recently completed his Security + to further expand his skills with networking and cyber security.”  A huge congratulations on this impressive accomplishment Nick!


Nicolas Peoples ATR Employee Spotlight Recipient November 2023

With all of those accomplishments, and his desire to learn, Nick moved into an IT role – Internal Technician.  In this role his responsibilities include password resets, equipment maintenance, WiFi setup and computer security.  He’s involved in software projects, like the most recent Killdisk implementation, managing the Pensacola sites badge system, conducting software training and coordinating the tech teams at all of the ATR sites.  He has even learned how to run cat 5 wiring and helped build out the Pensacola infrastructure!  WOW…impressive!

Nick stated that he is very thankful to have earned the IT Technician job and appreciates the ability to learn something new every day in this role.  He enjoys having a new “problem” or challenge to figure out or solve every day.

The biggest challenge that Nick has had to overcome while being here at ATR was learning how to operate a cherry picker, to install cameras into the bricks of the building in the Pensacola site.  He said it was hot, and he’s not to fond of heights, but they got the job done.  Way to face your fears Nick…great job.  You are a true testament to one of your favorite quotes “there are two type of pain; the pain of action and the pain of inaction.”

Your willingness and dedication to continually take action is commended.

Some of Nicks coworkers describe him as very kind, somewhat quiet guy who never backs down from a challenge.  He is patient and always has a positive attitude.  He’s always there to help and never, ever complains or gives you the feeling you’re bothering him.  Nick is super easy to work with and always does his best to get the job done.


When he’s not problem solving here at ATR you can find him playing video games, at the gym or spending time with his finance…. who he plans to marry late next year…congratulations to you both!

Rising to the Challenge: Yaneris (Yani) Jimenez’s Inspirational Journey at ATR

At one of our busiest facilities located in Birmingham, Alabama—a vibrant Southern city known for its rich history, diverse culture, and thriving arts scene—a remarkable story of dedication, resilience, and unwavering determination unfolds. This story exemplifies the potential for growth and success that lies within each of us, and it centers around a remarkable individual: Yaneris Jimenez.


Yaniris Jimenez ATR Employee Spotlight for October 2023Yaneris’ journey with ATR began two years ago when she joined the company as an enthusiastic warehouse associate.   Little did she know that this was just the beginning of a journey that would ultimately provide valuable leadership opportunities within our growing organization.


Her career at ATR has been a testament to her unyielding commitment to personal and professional growth. She started in the warehouse, working on deman (scrap disassembly) projects, demonstrating a strong work ethic and attention to detail that quickly caught the eye of her supervisors. With unwavering perseverance, she moved up the ranks, transitioning to inventory management, then to the role of Inventory Lead, and finally, to Warehouse Supervisor.


In her current role, Yaneris faces the daily challenges of ensuring her team is processing clients’ assets while adhering to strict R2v3 methodologies. Her optimism is a driving force, as she firmly believes that challenges can be overcome through hard work and teamwork. She approaches her colleagues with warmth and friendliness, always ready to lend a helping hand to those who may be struggling with a task.


When asked about what she loves most about working at ATR, Yaneris’ enthusiasm shines through. She enjoys the dynamic nature of her role, from the meticulous organization of inventory to the camaraderie she shares with her coworkers. ATR’s commitment to growth opportunities aligns perfectly with her career aspirations.


Yaneris’s impressive journey is not without its share of challenges. One memorable project involved the destruction of over a thousand gaming machines that needed to be processed very quickly as they take up valuable warehouse space. She tackled this colossal task not alone, but as part of a dedicated team, ensuring the job was completed efficiently, promptly and to the clients’ exact specifications.


Yaneris Jimenez Employee Spotlight Photo showing ATR associate at home gym.

What makes Yaneris truly exceptional is her unrelenting pursuit of self-improvement. In a surprising and inspiring twist, she opted to learn English and enhance her communication skills, putting herself in a challenging position that ultimately helped her connect more efficiently with her colleagues and supervisors.  When asked about some of her proudest accomplishments, Yaneris admits her inventory skills put her on a short list of associates who enter 400 plus assets per day into our database. These attributes have translated into the remarkable growth opportunities and the beginning of her leadership journey here at ATR.


Looking to the future, Yaneris has set ambitious goals for herself, and her long-term goal is to become an entrepreneur, open a gym, and help people improve their lives through a workout routine and better eating habits. She’s already making strides in this direction as an online gym coach, recording her videos at home. What’s truly important to her is making a positive impact on people’s health and well-being.

Her dedication and resilience at work are echoed in her personal life as well, as she enjoys spending her free time with her family, camping, and staying fit through regular workouts. To summarize her journey, Yaneris shares her favorite quote and a piece of advice that has guided her every step of the way: “Keep going because you can do whatever you want to do!” This mantra perfectly encapsulates her relentless pursuit of excellence.


Yaneris Jimenez is a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a belief in one’s own potential. Her optimism, warm-heartedness, and unwavering commitment to her team and ATR have earned her this well-deserved promotion. She is not just a supervisor; she is a true inspiration to us all.

Congratulations, Yaneris, on your remarkable journey at ATR, and here’s to the bright future ahead!



Emily King Employee Spotlight – September 2023

Compliance Administrator – Birmingham AL

Photo showing Emily King ATR September 2023 Employee Spotlight RecipientEmily began her journey with ATR on January 30th of 2023  and hasn’t slowed down since day one!  In her role as the site Compliance Administrator, she shares that her position “wears a little bit of a lot of hats, which definitely keeps my day-to-day interesting. From helping onboard new employees, to working on CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Action) and O&Ts (Objectives and Targets), to the safety meetings, to checking all the small details to prepare for audits…there is always something to do!”

When asked what she likes the most about what we do here at ATR she responded, “having a degree in Environmental Science, recycling at its very core is something that is important to me. The more times we are able to reuse something or to reduce the amount of material, especially hazardous material, going into the landfill is something to be celebrated. “

Her Project Manager describes Emily as “personable, communicative, patient, quick, knowledgeable, and thorough. Even while she is working on something – she is always spinning several plates – she will take the time to answer my questions to the best of her knowledge. More often than not, she can answer my inquiry, but in those rare cases where she is unsure, she knows exactly where to point me, and she never makes anyone with a concern or question feel like a burden, staff and customers alike.”

When asked why Emily deserves this recognition, he went on to say “Emily has been working at ATR for seven months now, and she has had to learn so much more than is asked of most admins, having taken on the logistics coordination role in Birmingham among picking up the compliance role in a whole new industry. She has a love for compliance, often raising hard-hitting concerns for corporate compliance and the company as a whole. When she sees these concerns, she conducts thorough research and compiles it for others to use and shares it with the company to see what she has found. She has coordinated training for several temps during a period when we had new contracted associates every week.  Since Emily started here, her responsibilities were far larger than her job description, but she not only took it in stride, but excelled. She is OSHA30 certified and had been before she began working at ATR, illustrating her dedication and interest in compliance. I highly recommend that Emily be recognized for her attention to detail in everything that she does. “

Emily is very proud of having earned her degree and explains that it was an incredibly difficult journey as her husband had several major surgeries throughout an entire year.  She shared that “many nights were spent with him in the hospital while completing a paper or a group PowerPoint presentation, all while still working. It would’ve been a lot easier and less stressful to have postponed or taken a leave of absence, but she persevered and not only graduated on time but Emily made the Dean’s list every semester and obtained her OSHA 30 certification in the process as well.”

When not at work she loves to spend time with her husband and their friends and families. I also enjoy painting, reading, playing video games, and doing embroidery.

Emily shared that her ultimate goal professionally in life would to be working in conservation/preservation…something to do with animals in a non-profit; that would be the dream.

When asked to share her favorite quote or piece of advice she responded with this; “Vincent van Gogh is someone of great inspiration to me in many areas of life, and I have a small portion of this quote as a tattoo for a daily reminder:

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”

It reminds me that when you are operating in love and respect for others, both personally and professionally, you can be proud of the things you have accomplished.”

WOW…you really are an inspiration to all of us Emily.  Congratulations on this well-deserving award, not only for the work you’ve done, but for the person you are!

August 2023, Jessica Ehresman, Operations Support Supervisor- Pensacola, FL

Jessica Ehresman our August 2023 Employee Spotlight

Jessica Ehresman ATRs August 2023 Employee Spotlight RecipientJessica began her career with ATR in May of 2014 as a Customer Service Representative.  She is currently the Operations Support Supervisor and continues to develop her team and her leadership skills.  Jess is a very loyal and dedicated employee and is truly invested in the success of both her team and ATR overall.

Raquel Potts, the on-site HR Specialist in Pensacola shared “Jessica is an outstanding employee and is well deserving of this recognition.  She is always one of the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave each evening.  She has run the Customer Service Department (now Operations Support) through some rough times with the relocation and hiring adjustments, but always has a smile on her face.  She is an amazing person and a great asset to the company.”

Even though she would probably never tell you, Jessica is very proud of her personal growth and the opportunity to build and supervise a successful team.  She started at the same level as most everyone else, and has diligently put in the effort to be able to now lead a team.  Her goal is to move into a Manager position and she loves the challenge of pushing herself to grow, lead and work with her team and co-workers, to solve issues as they come and to be a part of the solution.

Her Manager, Ray Magee, states “she is in the process of hiring and developing a team at the Corporate Office in Pensacola that mimic her abilities and work ethics.  She is focused on building a department that works together to bring a high standard of accurate information, reporting and new service to Customers and all ATR sites.

He also shares “Jessica takes full responsibility to ensure that her department meets our customers, ATR departments and all facilities expectations and needs.  She is consistency determined to meet the goals and timelines that are presented to her.  Also, with her willingness and ability to research and learn operations support Specialist tasks and needs, she has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and developed relationships with all departments within ATR”.

He goes on to say “In addition to her responsibilities in Operations Support, Jessica is also the Key Account Manager with ATR’s largest customers and has built strong and sound relationships with their key decision makers.  She has built these relationships by representing herself, and ATR, as knowledgeable and professional, working directly with the clients to ensure their expectations are met.”

When she is not working Jess is somewhat of a homebody, as family is her number one priority.  She does enjoy going out and exploring new places and being outdoors with her family and friends.  Jessica if a very loyal and dedicated wife and mother just like she is as an employee.  Jessica is somewhat shy and very humble, but her smile and her laugh also make her fun and someone you just want to hang out with.

One of Jessica’s favorite quotes is “Knowledge is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Her advise to all ATR employees is to stay positive and work one day at a time with the future in mind.

Congratulations Jessica on this well-deserved recognition!

July 2023 Employee Spotlight is Jon Millirons, Secure IT Destruction Specialist – Pontiac, IL

Photo showing John Millirons sitting on his Harley Davidson Motorcycle near ATR Trailer.Jon “Big Jon” Millirons has been with ATR since March of 2021.  His career with ATR began at the BDI (off-site) facility working on special projects such as maintenance and working on vehicles.

Jon is now at the Pontiac Steel Building doing Secure IT Destruction.  He really enjoys this job and the responsibilities that go along with it.  His favorite part is receiving and processing some of the equipment we get in from our government.  And although he really enjoys Secure IT Destruction it’s also been his greatest challenge.  He says “learning the processes required to handle customers data sanitization needs and fixing or repairing their equipment, took lots of research, questions and notetaking”.  The fact that Jon has done all of that truly shows his determination and dedication to his job.


When asked what accomplishment Jon is most proud of, he shared “reorganizing the steel building and ITAR cage in order to be more efficient.  Also fixing the equipment and machines we all relay on every day to do our jobs.”

Jon always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude.  He’s always kind and friendly and has a laugh that’s contagious.

Dan Hendershott, his Site Manager, shared “Jon is being recognized for always going the extra mile to accomplish whatever task he is working on and for always being willing to help others”.   Not only does Jon work in our steel building, he’s always fixing, repairing or updating something in the building – from changing light bulbs to snow removal to electrical work.  He can pretty much “do it all”!

In fact, Dan went on to say that “it’s really hard to pinpoint a specific or special accomplishment that earned Jon this nomination because he takes pride in everything he does, is always giving his all, is continuously trying to improve the process and is just the kind of loyal employee you want to have”.

Jon loves learning how things work and coming up with ways that things can be reused or repurposed in a different way.  When asked if he had a goal here at ATR he answered, “I would like to revolutionize some aspect of electronic recycling, or figure out how to make money off of commodities that we have to pay to get rid of – for example plastic.

When he’s not working Jon enjoys camping, riding his motorcycle and attending motor cycle rallies.  He is very involved in the Central Illinois Chapter of Guardians of the Children which is a public benefit organization whose vision is “to improve the quality of life in our community by educating the public and making them aware of the steps to take in order to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child abuse.”

His work with Guardians of the Children holds a special place in his heart and his life – and if you’d like more information about it, he would be happy to inform you!


When asked what his favorite quote was, or a piece of advice that he’s like to share Jon said “try to learn something new every day”.  He’s also famous for the saying “right-on”!

Congratulations Jon, for being recognized as our Employee Spotlight of the month and for all you do here at ATR!

June 2023, George DeLoach, Warehouse Associate- Pensacola, FL

June 2023 Employee Spotlight is George DeLoach, Warehouse Associate-Pensacola, FL

George joined the ATR Pensacola team shortly after opening the new Technology Refurbishment Center in October of 2022.  During his tenure George has continuously demonstrated a willingness to challenge himself and others by volunteering to assist with projects both locally and abroad.  During phase 1 of Pensacola’s facility conversion George was directly responsible for removing 1,000’s of pounds of raised floor plates and stands, as well as stacking and palletizing 100’s of desks left over from the previous owners Call Center.

Additionally, George recently volunteered to be part of an 11-person team that assembled from five different ATR facilities to prepare and ship 1,248 illegal gambling machines.  This project filled 12 semis, seven box trucks and took over four 12+ hour days, in hot humid conditions.  George also spends a considerable amount of time manually unloading and repacking shipments while the shipping dock is under construction, thank you George!


Keric Allen, his site manager, describes him as “the “go-to” warehouse team member who does not hesitate to take on any task regardless of the size or complexity. A majority of the time George has an extremely quite professional demeanor, but he will light up instantly when you ask him how his granddaughter is doing and what he has planned to do with her over the weekend. ATR Pensacola is fortunate to have such an amazing team member!’

George is a quiet and humble family man and a very hard worker.  In fact, he wanted to “give his nomination to another employee.”  He is obviously willing to just work and be in the background making a difference each day.  What he has enjoyed most about working at ATR is learning a wide range of different jobs, which has made him invaluable to his team.

When not at ATR he enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with his family.    His goal is to someday purchase a second home with 4 acres of land – I’m sure to do some hunting!  George believes that there are no limits to what you can do, and he hopes to inspires others to step outside their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

His best piece of advice is, “if not sure…ask!”.

Congratulations George and thank you for all that you do.

May 2023 Employee Spotlight is Tony Bass from our Warehouse Team in Las Vegas NV

Congratulations to Tony Bass our May 2023 Employee Spotlight RecipientTony has been with ATR since August of 2022 in the Warehouse in our Las Vegas site.  He is currently in de-manufacturing and enjoys destroying materials that can be recycled.  He really lists seeing all of the equipment that comes into the facility daily and enjoys his co-workers.

One of the challenges he faces here at ATR is meeting all of the specific deadlines for different projects but he is proud that the team really pulls together and everyone does their part to make sure those deadlines are met.

Tony is a quiet guy who brings a sense of calm to the work environment – which the facility needs.  He is conscientious, always on time, stays focused on the task at hand and is a positive contributor to the success of the site on a daily basis.

His site Manager, George Gray shared, “Tony is liked and respected by everyone on his team.  He can be counted on to do whatever it takes each day to finish his work and is always willing to step up and lend a hand to anyone on the team who needs help.  He is capable of efficiently de-manufacturing any item put before him and quickly assessed the material, transferring it to the appropriate commodity”.

George goes on to say, “as many of our customers are outside our geographical area, Tony has volunteered to assist our drivers in multiple pick-ups that extend his hours.  He is polite and hardworking, providing excellent customer service.   Additionally, Tony has learned how to safely wrap and store our batteries for safe transport.  With the highest risk in our site being the safe handling and disposal of batteries, his willingness to accept this responsibility makes it clearly evident as to his outstanding value and importance and dedication to our Las Vegas site and ATR”.

When not at ATR Tony enjoys spending time with his children and family.  He is very proud that he has been able to provide a new home for them and is very proud that his children have their own money from universities for their education!  In fact, one of his best pieces of advice is; “Put your money in something that will help you in the future”.

It sounds like that’s exactly what he did.

Thanks for your continued hard work, your team focus, and for always ensuring that the job gets done Tony!


Brett Bennet ATR Employee Spotlight recipient for April 2023Brett has been with ATR since he graduated in August of 2014.  During those 9+ years he has worked in many positions such as shipping, asset recovery, inventory, MRSF and de-manufacturing.  Brett is currently the Warehouse Supervisor and says “he does his best to help his employees as much as he can”.  He does everything from loading and unloading trucks, tasking the team according to deadlines, doing hands on training and whatever else comes up in a day.  He is also involved in the Safety and Compliance team and the ICAPA meetings.


His Site Manager, Dan Hendershott, says;

“Brett is a very loyal and dependable person.  He is always willing to go the extra mile and do whatever he can do to get the job done.  He truly cares about the success of his team and of ATR”.


Brett really likes the fact that what we do here at ATR keeps this type of equipment out of our landfills – and he enjoys the people he works with!

When he’s not at work he likes to spend his free time with his family and friends, along with playing Dungeons and Dragons, listening to audio books and drawing.  He has been obsessed with the mid-evil times most of his life, and enjoys making armor and weapons out of cardboard.  He would one day like to be a master blacksmith and forge real weapons and armor.  One of the things he is most proud of, besides his family, is quitting smoking!

One of Bretts favorite quotes is “worrying only makes you suffer twice”.  Great advice Brett!

Congratulations on being selected for this month’s Employee Spotlight and keep up the great work!

March 2023, Michael Garner, Asset Renewal Group Team Lead Pensacola, FL

Photo showing Michael

Michael Garner, ATR employee Spotlight recipient for March 2023

Michael was one of the very first employees hired for our new Corporate Office in Pensacola Florida!  He has been with ATR for 6 months, and is currently the Line Tech Lead.  He is responsible for leading the team of line techs which involves prioritizing the workload, ensuring deadlines are met, problem solving and keeping them all on task.

When asked what he likes the most about working for ATR he shared “ I enjoy the atmosphere and the variety of work, I’m never stuck doing one thing”.  He also shared that he is most proud of how they’ve been able to create such a winning team in such a short time.  Notice that Michael stated “they’ve created”, which goes to show that he is truly a team player and he acknowledges the contributions of each team member.

His Site Manager, Keric Allen, describes him by saying; “Michael is a quiet professional who will take on any challenge head on with a “can do” attitude and deliver results!”  He goes on to share;

“Since Michael arrived at ATR Pensacola, he has distinguished himself through his professionalism, work ethic and positive attitude. Fittingly, he was selected and promoted to Lead Line Tech after only two weeks of working at ATR Pensacola. When asked to do something or adapt quickly to an order change, cancellation or unique request, Michael will quickly respond “I’ll get right on that” or “that’s not a problem”.  Much has been asked of Michael over the last three and a half months and he has consistently risen to the occasion. ATR expects great things from Michael and we are fortunate to have him on our team!”

We asked Michael to share some of the challenges he has faced here at ATR and how he overcame them.  He shared “When the first few line techs at the Pensacola site were onboarded, it was pretty chaotic. Fairly quickly, the team and I put our heads together to come up with a system that works for us and that we still use 6 months later!  I’m always up to take on a challenge and adopt unconventional strategies to get the job done.”

And “get the job done” he did!  Keric shared;

“Over the last 3 months Michael has had to quickly learn all things ATR G4 wholesale from the ground up while leading his team in the receiving, de-manufacturing, programming, testing, cleaning, and packaging of over 12,000 laptops & 1,000’s of ancillary components. This was no small task given these 12,000 laptops required the removal of over 25,000 stickers, 96,000 screws, and gallons of goo gone, alcohol, and Windex! Faced with these challenges, Michael’s team was never short on laughter or hard work and under his leadership, the “Conference Room Laptop Crew” has grown into a well-oiled laptop team machine”.

Outside of his busy work schedule Michael enjoys spending his time reading or working on art, and working out on the weekends.  He also has a big goal to save up enough to purchase some land!

When asked to share one of his favorite quotes Michael replied with;

“Never skimp on a good mattress and a good pair of boots. If you’re not in one, you’re in the other.”

His quiet, logical sense of humor is one of his many attributes.

Let’s thank Michael for all of his hard work and congratulate him on his well-deserved nomination and selection for this months “Employee Spotlight”!



February 2023, Richard Garcia, Warehouse Associate, San Antonio, TX

Photo showing Richard Garcia who is our employee spotlight recipient for February 2023.


Richard recently celebrated his 5-year milestone with ATR.  He was nominated by his Site Manager, Caleb Robinson, for his hard work and dedication.  Caleb had this to say about Richard, “Richard is a huge part of the ATR San Antonio team, and does not hesitate to share the knowledge he has learned over his 5 years of service, with his teammates and his leadership team.  As the new Site Manager, I will be looking to Richard to help train new employees that join the team in the future, specifically in our DE manufacturing process.  Richard cares about the safety of everyone at our building by acting as our onsite EHS representative.”


Caleb went on to say “I recently had the opportunity to work closely with Richard as he trained his new Site Manager on the de-manufacturing process within the SA facility with a hands-on training session.  Watching how productive Richard can be with any task you give him is very impressive.”


Richard enjoys his job in the demand area and takes pride in the teamwork that he and his co-workers show.  He’s proud of what they continue to accomplish, even though they do face challenges often.  Richards says “what’s inside the computers surprises him more and more”, and that’s part of the challenge.  He likes learning and wants to learn more about the mother boars and other part of the equipment he comes in contact with on a daily basis.


Outside of work Richard enjoys spending time with his family and is a softball fan!


Thank you, Richard for your hard work, loyalty and dedication to your team, the SA site and ATR!


Congratulations Richard!!!


January 2023, Scott Cochran, Box Truck Driver, Pontiac, IL

Photo showing Scott Cochran standing near ATR truck

Scott Cochran has seen many changes since joining ATR way back on May 9, 2011 at our Pontiac IL location as a warehouse associate.  There are very few jobs Scott hasn’t done over years but he’s been most successful interacting with customers as one of our most decorated Class C drivers.  Although Scott held various positions before joining ATR he’s gained many years of knowledge in customer service, vehicle maintenance and most recently forward and reverse logistics.

I have had the pleasure of congratulating Scott quite a few times over the years when he received a glowing review from one of the many customers Scott regularly interacts with.   It’s no surprise when we asked Scott what accomplishment he was most proud of, he stated making his customers feel like they are important, and providing the very best customer service possible.  He’s also very proud of perfectly executing a growing number of challenging pick-ups that were resource intensive, and showcased his ability to adapt very quickly to virtually any situation that arose.

Ray Magee, ATR’s Director of Client Services added, “Scott is dedicated and takes pride in his work and equipment.  Because of Scott’s tenure, professionalism and dedication, I am confident that ATR’s clients are always taken care of at the highest level.  He has received many compliments from clients through his years of service.”

Dan Hendershott ATR’s Regional Operations Manager and Scott’s immediate supervisor wrote, “I would describe Scott as outgoing and willing to help anywhere.  He provides great customer service and always puts our customers first.  Scott is willing to travel on short notice and willing to help out at other ATR facilities when needed.

Scott has certainly earned the respect of his peers so what does Scott have planned for the future?  Spoiler alert, Scott loves to travel…South that is!  He’s hoping to eventually move to a warmer climate and be done with the cold Illinois winters and relentless snow, we’re with you there Scott!

Congratulations Scott!


December 2022 Spotlight, Brad Strobel, Site Supervisor, Tonawanda (Buffalo) NY

Brad Strobel ATR Employee Spotlight recipent for December 2022Brad Strobel joined ATR in November 2021 as warehouse associate with a wide range of technical experience which has helped him advance to a Site Supervisory role.  Before joining ATR Brad was pursuing a career in the medical field but later realized the health care industry wasn’t a good fit and he began transitioning into technical jobs.  He found success at a well known tractor dealership where he lead the effort to clean up their RIMM’s system which paved the way to becoming their Service Manager.

Brad prides himself on staying informed and enjoys reading books from his vast collection of nearly 400 publications that make up his personal library.  His goals are not limited to just literary work either.  When asked what he has planned for the future he responded with, “I want to better myself and help those around me to do the same and I want to show my gratitude when ever and where ever it’s needed.”

We couldn’t agree more, thank you Brad for joining our team and helping your site land the upcoming Erie County contract, great job!

When not at work Brad enjoys playing Lacrosse, in fact Brad helped manage his Middle and High school Lacrosse teams and modified learning gym classes.  Clearly Brad Strobel is someone who isn’t afraid to step up and help where it is needed most.

Congratulations Brad!


November 2022 Spotlight, Paulina Espinosa de los Monteros , General Manager, Western Region USA

Paulina Espinosa de los Monteros joined ATR July 16, 2018 and has recently been promoted from Sales Manager to our Western General Manager! She is currently located at the San Antonio Texas location.

Pauline earned her Undergraduate in Biology and completed her MBA this Spring in Business Administration.

She is very determined, dedicated, and passionate about her job and what ATR does, stands for and believes in.  Her drive to learn operations, her leadership skills, and her work ethic made her the perfect candidate for this new position.

She is a very strong asset to our Management Team!

Outside of her busy work schedule Paulina loves reading, traveling, many outdoor activities and spending time with her husband Gerardo and their dog Arya. They will soon have a beautiful new addition to their family with their first child due in April of 2023!

Congratulations Paulina!


October 2022 Spotlight, Hanna Cuplin, Compliance/Administrative Assistant, Las Vegas,NV

Hanna Cuplin ATR Employee Spotlight October 2022

Hanna Cuplin joined our Las Vegas team in April of 2022 as our local Compliance and Administrative associate after working on the Las Vegas strip in the e-Sports field.

Hanna is an expert when it comes to paying attention to the details. She thoroughly checks the ID’s of all of our visitors. She verifies all customer load paperwork is accurate, providing a smooth experience for our drivers for pickup. Most importantly, she guides the Las Vegas team in all matters of compliance, ensuring we maintain all regulatory and administrative requirements, ensuring our customer’s needs are fully met while fulfilling our goal to responsibly reduce, reuse and recycle responsibly.

When not at work Hanna enjoys reading, video games and hiking, enjoying the great desert landscapes the Las Vegas Valley offers, and she looks forward to completing her associate degree after next semester, graduating in May.

When we asked her supervisor George Gray to provide some feedback on Hanna’s demeanor, he responded with;

” Our Company and the world need more Hannas. Her professional performance and outstanding demeanor directly contribute to the success of the Las Vegas site”.

Congratulations Hanna!

February 2022 Spotlight, Dustin Pike, Warehouse Associate, Grand Rapids, MI

Dustin Pike joined the ATR in April of 2021 during the height of the global COVID lockdowns.  Dustin brought with him years of warehouse and commercial driving experience as well as a strong desire to enrich his career.   Dustin recently shared with us he had undergone weight loss surgery just 6 months before starting his new job at ATR.  Since that time Dustin has lost an additional 80 pounds!  Way to go Dustin!

Photograph showing Dustin Pike, ATR Employee Spotlight recipient for February 2022 Dustin is a “lead by example” kind of guy, in fact, Dustin arrives to work each day 30-45 minutes early to open the main gate for the rest of the crew, and during the winter months he even shovels the walkways and salts them, so nobody slips and falls.    Thank you Dustin, we all appreciate your willingness to look out for your team.

Dustin Pike’s willingness to help doesn’t stop with the morning routine either.  The main warehouse furnace recently malfunctioned over the weekend and Dustin stepped up and offered to check the building twice a day until the repairs could be completed on Monday.

When he’s not training to become our back up driver, Dustin enjoys some down time taking in local car shows, races.  And of course, as a true Michigander he enjoys camping, fishing, cooking and travel.    Although Dustin enjoys all these activities, he and his wife Rachel will soon have something even more important in their lives…yes folks, you heard it here first, the Pikes are expecting their first child in the fall!   Congratulations to Dustin and Rachel!

It’s no wonder Dustin had a huge smile on his face when I took this picture.  In the past year he’s lost 80 pounds, bought his first house, advanced his career at ATR and now he’s an expectant father, clearly Dustin is a busy guy!

November 2021 Spotlight, Angela Sullivan-Shoop, Customer Service Manager, Pontiac, IL

Angela Sullivan-Shoop joined the ATR Customer Service Team in the Summer of 2021.  She brings 20+ years of experience in the customer service field. She’s had positions with Edward Jones in both St. Louis, MO & Tempe, AZ.

She was also a Project Manager for a firm in NYC. After years of experience, she decided to move back to Illinois, her home State. She then worked with Country Financial and the Illinois Farm Bureau for several years. Here at ATR, she’s the Customer Service Manager, and leads a team of 4 outstanding team members.

Working with a diverse background of clients has enabled her to lead the team with a unique perspective. Empowering other women to do their best, is a personal and professional goal.

Angela lives in Lexington, IL with her husband Michael and has 3 spoiled pets. Time with family and friends is a priority, but she prefers time in her Art room creating original pieces for them. Her medium is graphite pencil, colored pencil, and recently acrylic painting.

July 2021 Spotlight, Cristina Rodriguez, Operations Supervisor, San Antonio TX

Cristina Rodriguez ATR July Employee Spotlight

Cristina’s first day was on February 4th 2019, since then, she has demonstrated her work ethics and her ability to excel on every position that she has worked. She started in our de-manufacture department, then she was moved to the tech-recovery department, then to our wholesale department, and recently, she was promoted to Site Supervisor.

Her organization and structure motivates people who work around her to do better. She is a natural leader. “Cristina has a no-nonsense approach” – One of her coworkers said, Cristina is reserved, very responsible, and dependable”.

Cristina loves to spend time outdoors with her husband, especially when they go on a motorcycle road trip.

May 2021 Spotlight, Arturo De La Rosa, Operations Manager, Las Vegas NV

Picture showing ATR Operations Manager for Las Vegas, this person's name is Arturo De La Rosa

Arturo De La Rosa a proud native of Texas but currently residing in Las Vegas NV where he joined the ATR management team in 2021.

Arturo is a 6 year Marine veteran and just recently graduated from ATI where he completed 720 hours of training to become a licensed electrician.

Arturo previously worked at Republic Services in their MRF (material recycling center) which is the largest facility in the US. While working at the MRF Arturo oversaw the production line and worked in maintenance. Additionally Arturo has 27 years production and warehouse experience he plans to utilize in Las Vegas.

When not working hard to protect the environment, Arturo enjoys spending time with his family and is the proud father of a 21 year son. Arturo also enjoys playing softball and golf in his down time.

Arturo welcomes the opportunity to help the Las Vegas team expand their coverage areas and service offerings in the Western US region and he’s grateful to be working with a company like ATR where his skills and knowledge can have the greatest impact.

March 2021 Spotlight, Romeo (Romey) De La Cruz, Warehouse Operations, Las Vegas NV

ATR March Employee Spotlight recipient is Romeo De La Cruz from Las Vegas, this picture shows Rommy going for a nature hike

Romeo, known as Romey around the site, has been working at the Las Vegas facility since April 2019 when he joined our team as a temporary associate.

Romey is an expert at finding valuable items as he sorts through bins of unwanted electronics.  His sharp eye has helped us identify some awesome antique treasures which help generate revenue for the facility.

In addition to having an “Eagle Eye”, Romey is also one of the fastest associates we have for equipment disassembly and inventory control. In fact, he recently won a contest in the  warehouse for fastest processing times, and not just once but twice!!  Way to go Romey!!

Romey is well known as a “team player”,  everyone agrees he’s always willing to help out coworkers in need by offering tools, and assistance to make each job run as smooth as possible.

When asked what he would like to share about his experience at ATR he said;

“I’m always EAGER to learn more”.

Romey is also known for bringing in amazing goodies to our potluck events including his legendary CHEESECAKE, YUM! Outside of work he likes to go camping, and play chess.

February 2021 Spotlight, Courtney Stephans, Compliance Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, Salt Lake City UT

Courtney Stephans ATR February 2021 Employee Spotlight

Courtney has been with ATR for just over 1 year, and currently works as the regional Administrative Assistant in Salt Lake City UT.  Courtney is also part of our Corporate Compliance Team.  This very important group ensures that all our facilities remain in good standings, and our staff receive the most up-to-date training available.

In addition to her important duties in SLC, Courtney is also a newlywed! She’s an animal lover, and graduated at the top of her high school class, valedictorian.

Courtney always has a smile… even during annual audits! She loves singing with her family, and is a huge fan of the show, “Friends”.

January 2021 Spotlight, Laura Kokanovich, Compliance Coordinator Tonawanda, NY

ATR January 2021 Employee Spotlight on Laura Kokanovich

Laura has been with ATR for a little over 5 years, starting back in June of 2015.  She started off in asset recovery, listing items in our pipeline.   Currently she serves as NY’s Compliance Coordinator for the last 4 years.  Here she has excelled in maintaining her Site’s compliance and operational procedures, which adhere to our Internal Management System.   Laura is very knowledgeable to ATR’s regulations and has always been a key asset in audits, researching OSHA guidelines, R2 Standards and assisting other to assure ATR NY’s success.

In Laura’s spare time she enjoys time in the outdoors, by going camping, numerous outdoor activities, and attending concerts, in which she does miss due to the World’s current situation.

Want to see more Employee Spotlights from days gone by?  Click here to visit the archives.