A fun look behind the scenes, Team ATR working remotely

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Just because most folks are staying in, doesn’t mean that life has come to a complete halt. Essential businesses–think hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies–remain open because people need medical treatment, they need food, and they need medicine.  And these essential businesses, open to meet the needs of the people, have needs of their own. Like the need for suppliers and vendors who can step up and help them in these uncertain times.

The Client Experience Team at Advanced Technology Recycling understands these needs. Myself and the other Account and Business Development Managers pride ourselves on providing exceptional service no matter the circumstances. Most of ATR’s facilities have been temporarily closed due to Shelter-in-Place orders but our Client Experience Team continues to work remotely and we thought you might enjoy a behind the scenes look at how we are doing.

Whats Jerry Allen Working on while at home?
Can you tell what Jerry from our Richmond site is holding?

While we take seriously the current situation unfolding around the world, we also believe in the human spirit of determination and ingenuity. We realize the world may never be the same, but we also know better than to assume we won’t make it through. 

Humans, despite their flaws, have a habit of making it through tough times and we will make it through this too.

And so allow me to introduce the humans who make up our Client Experience Team. Because even though we’re working remotely and communicating with our customers via email and phone, that’s what you’ll
find on either end of the line–a human.

Ray Magee, Director of Client Services

Ray joined ATR in 2010 as the primary Business Development Manager for the central US region, working from our corporate campus in Pontiac, IL. Since then, he has seen the company grow into the top R2 certified electronics recycler and ITAD company in the US, with eight facilities strategically located around the country. This growth led Ray to assemble the Client Experience Team, made up of industry veterans and a couple of newbies like yours truly.

Ray Magee working from home at ATR
Ray Magee Director of Client Services

I’m continuously talking to our customers to make sure their needs are being met and checking with everyone on the sales team to make sure they have what they need. Working from home, like anything else, presents its own challenges. My job is to help my people meet those challenges head-on” Ray Magee told me

A golfer in his spare time, you might say that Ray is helping us keep it out of the rough and on the fairway. And just what is this “it” that we’re keeping out of the rough and on the fairway? I don’t know, I can’t remember. I had to google golf terms since I don’t play, and now I’m wondering where all these terms–“birdie,” “bogie,” “albatross”–came from.

But I’m pretty sure what I was trying to say is that when it comes to leadership, Ray is shooting not only par for the course, but even some holes in one.

Paulina Espinosa de los Monteros, Account Manager

Paulina works out of our San Antonio office and has been with ATR for two years.  A passionate advocate for recycling, Paulina told me that she finds true fulfillment in keeping electronics out of landfills. Her favorite quote in regards to recycling is by Alex Steffen:”There is no such thing as garbage, just useful stuff in the wrong place. Her favorite quote in general is, “Go big or go home.


Although we work from different states, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Paulina on several occasions and can say with certainty that she truly cares about her clients. I’ve seen the warmth and sincerity she exudes when working with people to solve their recycling needs.

she also told me she’s the Leslie Knope of ATR, which sent me back to the Internet to do more searching. Now I know what I’ll be binge-watching this weekend.

Paulina Espinosa de los Monteros Regional Account Manager San Antonio TX

David Gray, Business Development Manager

We’re both named David, and we both have cool last names.  Plus he lives in Georgia and I’m from Georgia.  And we both work for ATR.


Sorry, I’m not sure where I was going with that but my point is…

David has been with ATR for five years and has over 17 years experience in the IT recycling industry, plus over 20 years experience in OEM sales for various worldwide electronics companies. There, that’s a better introduction.

Mr. Gray is one of the members of our team who already works remotely full-time. Handling large, national accounts, David is also used to flying around the country to meet with various clients. So I guess you could say that while he’s used to working from home, it’s been a bit of an adjustment being told not to leave from there. Even so, David continues to manage national accounts, themselves essential businesses, from his home office near Rome, GA.

An interesting tidbit: David Gray is a graduate of UGA and therefore a lifelong Dawgs fan. Next time I talk to him, I’ll have to ask if he’s a fan of fellow UGA alum, Lewis Grizzard. Not that he has to be just because he went to UGA, but it’s always nice to have a conversation starter, especially in our business.

Randy Coons, Business Development Manager

Working out of Buffalo, NY, Randy is the go-to guy when it comes to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations, for which ATR is certified) and Secure Destruction. He is also well-versed in compliance and contractual law, which is another way of saying he’s good at reading, writing and explaining complex documents–a skill he employs for the benefit of the rest of us quite often.

I was planning on asking Randy for a few humorous details on how things were going at home (how am I doing so far?), but he was super busy making sure some of his clients in NY were taken care of during these difficult times, so we let him off the hook…for now!

Carry on, Randy we have your back, and when time permits we look forward to hearing more from you.

James (Jerry) Allen, Business Development Manager

A few things about Jerry: 1) His email signature includes his full name and the name he goes by, I guess so you don’t get the wrong idea and assume “Jerry” is short for “Jared” or “Jermaine” or anything else other than the classically Virginian “James,” 2) when I asked him to send me a picture of himself working from home, he sent a picture of himself holding a Louisiana Redfish, and 3) he sent me an Abraham Lincoln quote, “The situation is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise to the occasion.” I mean, honestly, what more can I say?

Jerry working on catching this awesome Red Fish while taking a break! Did you guess correctly?

Well, for one thing, Jerry has been in the ITAD industry for 11 years, and he worked from home at his last job, so working remotely comes naturally. For another, looking at the above picture, you can see he still reads the newspaper, to which I say, “You’re wife is going to roll those up and whack you if you don’t get your office set back up and get off the dining table!”

Jerry Allen Regional Business Development Manager Richmond VA

But seriously, Jerry says he is continuing to assist his customers and work as long as the lights stay on. He also said, “Send TP,”unfortunately I can’t help him there.

Pete Swavely, Business Development Manager

Pete is the newest member of our team, but with 14 years’ experience, he certainly isn’t new to our industry.Pete is experienced in electronics resale and niche recycling markets, and finds satisfaction in providing solutions for his clients’ complex and diverse needs.

Pete is a man who really enjoys outdoor hobbies: he enjoys metal detecting, rock hounding, mushroom foraging, and disc golf. In the unlikely event that he can’t solve your recycling needs, he may at least be able to point you in the direction of a new and interesting hobby that allows you to get out of the house while also practicing social distancing.

David Longstreet, Account Manager

What can I say about myself that isn’t already said in the bio at the bottom of this page? Well,for one, that fiance I moved to Illinois for, I married her and we now have a 6 month old baby boy. Working remotely has allowed me to see my son more, but I miss that moment at the end of the day where I’d see his eyes grow wide and a smile stretch across his face as I walk through the front door. Maybe today at 5 o’clock, I’ll step outside for 10 minutes just so I can walk in and see that look on his face.

David home office includes a cheering section and toys!

As for work, I have remained busy helping my clients, many of whom are essential businesses that still have recycling needs even with everything going on. Whether it’s scheduling a pickup for a customer with equipment that they have nowhere to store, or sending over asset reports and certificates, I have stayed busy. Sometimes a customer just needs to know you’re there if they need you, and a big part of what our team does is communicate with our customers that we’re here if and when they need us.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at our Client Experience Team. While times are certainly tough and the future uncertain, part of surviving the current world of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders is by keeping a sense of humor and remaining lighthearted. I’m proud to be a part of this team and to work for a company like ATR, a company whose continued growth can be attributed to the value it places on its customers and employees alike.

Advanced Technology Recycling Logo

If you have electronics recycling or ITAD needs, call ATR at 877-781-7779 or visit us at www.ATReCycle.com and find out how our team can help yours. You can even chat with one of us during standard business hours, or leave a message after hours and one of us will reach out to you.

And above all else, stay safe out there and remember to laugh when you can.

Author: Brodie Ehresman

Brodie Ehresman is one of the originating family owners of the two facilities formed in 1992 and is acting Director of Marketing for ATR.