“Certified Electronics Recycling Made Easy”

Since 2002, Advanced Technology Recycling has offered state-of-the-art certified Electronics Recycling processes.  Our partners include, small, mid-size and fortune 100 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, non-profit organizations and responsible residences that require:

  • Asset management and online asset tracking throughout the end-of-life process
  • Data Security and destruction that is HIPAA compliant
  • A certified guaranteed destruction option
  • In-house Logistics and vehicles
  • Complete office recycling solutions

Your company’s risk and reputation is our top priority.  ATR will design a custom solution to meet all of your recycling needs.  Our continual improvement in our capabilities and know-how to recycle your equipment enable ATR to provide you cost effective and environmentally responsible options.

Recent News


Nationwide Secure Destruction

ATR introduces new approach to nationwide Secure Destruction project

Nationwide Secure Destruction Experts Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) Birmingham AL February 15, 2018 introduces innovative new approach to destroying 6,000 highly sensitive hard drives simultaneously throughout the U.S.   A large financial institution was faced with a perplexing dilemma on how to cost effectively destroy a significant number of sensitive assets distributed throughout the U.S….

ATR Acknowledges VIP Employees

ATR Acknowledges VIP Employees This year the CEO and COO decided to start several awards programs for employees. The awards ranged from years of service to special recognition for hard work, Peer recognition and Road Warriors. There were 37 total awards given this year. Peer Recognition Award Employees were asked to nominate peers that they…