Secure Destruction Service (SDS)

ATR Secure Destruction Service

ATR offers the industries most comprehensive and Secure Destruction Service Portfolio, contact us today.


ATR has established a Secure Destruction Service comprised of compliance, legal, logistics and operational professionals with additional capabilities and security clearances that identify and manage vulnerabilities in existing processes.  The Secure Destruction Service team inspects commercial streams to locate anomalies such as hidden storage devices frequently missed by traditional processors who allow coexistence with residential e Waste materials.  Additionally, we offer a complete line of destruction devices that can be deployed and used at the customers’ facilities when transportation to one of our secured facilities isn’t sufficient.

Secure Destruction Service assets are individually inventoried and tracked by serial numbers. Customized reports for Secure Destruction Service assets are made available in our powerful web based platform scalable to facilitate your company’s individual needs. Secure Destruction Service customers can use the online tools to generate their own packing lists and define the PPE gear required for each facility. Global reporting is readily available to the sustainability managers 24/7/365 and regional teams organize their own pickups and localized equipment dispositions individually by site. Our portal is internally developed, designed and supported by ATR staff; making customization seamless when changes are required. Secure Destruction Service customers can also request access to our secure video feeds in real time to ensure the entire process is completed according to specifications.  These sessions are password protected and the video feeds are sent directly to your desktop computer and can be recorded in popular video formats like MP4 for a nominal fee.

To protect our Secure Destruction Service customer branding we have implemented a zero landfill policy and qualify each downstream vendor to ensure all recoverable commodities remain on US soil.  ATR is authorized by the US State Department and Homeland Security to provide SDS (Secure Destruction Service) to highly volatile waste streams for Aerospace, Defense and all federal agencies including the FBI, FAA and the US Border Patrol- just to list a few.  These waste streams fall under the ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulations) and ATR’s compliance team has developed a comprehensive program outlined in our IMS documentation which is available upon request.

ATR Secure Destruction Service

ATR provides also provides Medical Equipment Disposal options.

Additionally, ATR offers secure web based video monitoring and logistics tracking sent right to your desktop in real time to ensure proper documentation of ITAR scrap materials. ATR also has a GSA Schedule with standardized pricing until May of 2019 that allows us to offer these same services and discounts to law enforcement and state agencies that require additional security.

Since 2002, Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) has built their foundation on making electronic recycling easy by offering these customizable solutions to clients. Whether your security risk is in hard drives, prototype products/documents, or if you have a need for whole item destruction at your facility- ATR has a diversified portfolio of competencies to choose from.

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