“Certified Electronics Recycling Made Easy”

Since 2002, Advanced Technology Recycling has offered state-of-the-art certified Electronics Recycling processes.  Our partners include, small, mid-size and fortune 100 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, non-profit organizations and responsible residences that require:

  • Asset management and online asset tracking throughout the end-of-life process
  • Data Security and destruction that is HIPAA compliant
  • A certified guaranteed destruction option
  • In-house Logistics and vehicles
  • Complete office recycling solutions

Your company’s risk and reputation is our top priority.  ATR will design a custom solution to meet all of your recycling needs.  Our continual improvement in our capabilities and know-how to recycle your equipment enable ATR to provide you cost effective and environmentally responsible options.

Recent News


Electronic Voting Machine Recycling

Electronic Voting Machines

R2 Certified Electronic Voting Machine Recycling ATR offers secure and cost effective electronic voting machine recycling solutions with free end of life reporting included via our powerful web portal.  In 2002 the Feds passed a new initiative called the HAVA (Help America Vote Act) to help states replace millions of outdated punch card and paper…


Closed Loop fines exceed 17 Million

Closed Loop Fines

Closed Loop fines exceed 18 Million for CRT Abandonment The largest CRT Glass abandonment in US history will cost Closed Loop fines in excess of 18 Million dollars according to a court document from Franklin County Courts. According to the documents an estimated 113 Million pounds of crushed CRT Glass and an additional 15 Million…